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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Sandblasting Price Switzerland

The green silicon carbide crystal block is packed in a steel box with a crane and manual work, and weighed. When the black furnace adhesive layer is hard, the outer furnace classification method is used. Take out the graphite from the furnace, transport it to the graphite storage yard, and sieve to make it less than 50mm. Grab the lower secondary black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit product and transport it to the storage yard for crushing.

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Small furnaces have small crystallizers, most of which have no cranes. Grading to a designated place. Transport the second-grade white fused alumina products and amorphous materials to be crushed for use. Use a grabber to lift the crystal block above the classification table, clean the graphite and unload it on the table, or use an iron hook and other tools to hook a piece from the 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media crystal tube, clean the graphite, put it in a trolley and transport it to the classification field.

(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting price switzerland)Use a classification axe Cut away the amorphous and secondary product layers, and remove the "white hair", black silicon carbide crystalline blocks of carbon particles and needle-like crystalline blocks or semi-decomposed layer, and separate the black crystal blocks in the green furnace. Out-of-bath classification is the process of removing black alumina crystal blocks, graphite from the furnace, and separating the primary product, secondary product, graphite, etc. one by one.

The classified white aluminum oxide crystal blocks are packed in a weighing box or trolley for weighing. The graphite is transported to the designated place for sieving. Avoid graphite, silicon carbide, etc. mixed out when taking out the graphite. Take out the lower crystal block, amorphous, and transport it to the classification table (field) to classify qualified first-class products. The black aluminum oxide blast media crystal block is transported to the crusher to be crushed.(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting price switzerland)

In order to improve the service life of the electric furnace and improve the working conditions in front of the aluminum oxide abrasive furnace, many parts of the electric furnace should be water-cooled. These parts have electrode holders, furnace shells, furnace bottoms, secondary short Nets, receiving bags, fume hoods, etc. Furnace body cooling includes chrome corundum upper and lower water ring, furnace bottom and middle square trough support ring.

(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting price switzerland)The upper and lower water ring is made of copper pipe with many small holes drilled on the surface. During brown aluminium oxide smelting, cooling water is passed through the two ports of the water ring, and then sprayed from the small holes in the pipe wall. When the furnace body is tilted out of the melt, water should be stopped. The square groove bracket in the middle of the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media furnace body is equipped with interlayer cooling water.

After this part of the water flows out of the aluminum oxide grit support ring, it can continue to cool the bottom of the cymbal holder. The electrode holders of large and medium-sized electric furnaces have water cooling jackets. Cooling of the secondary busbar The secondary busbar must be heated by a large current, especially the busbar on the upper part of the emery abrasive furnace can also be affected by heat radiation, which is more prone to heat damage.(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting price switzerland)

When the silicon carbide abrasive content of impurities is high, the strength of the surface layer of the crystal tube increases. This part requires continuous water supply cooling during smelting. This section of the busbar can be considered to use a tubular conductor, which can be cooled by people during work. Water. synthetic corundum socket cooling can be effectively cooled by welding spray water pipes on the shell of the socket or by attaching a water cooling jacket.

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