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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Sandblasting Producers Germany

The microstructure was observed by xjp-3a microscope with magnification of 400 and 500 times(black aluminum oxide blast media). There are two kinds of corrosion solution to show the structure: nitric acid alcohol solution (volume fraction of 5% HNO), boride is white and bright color, boride thickness can be measured(pink aluminium oxide), but it is not easy to distinguish Feb and Fe2B phases. If the corrosion time is prolonged, Feb is light blue and Fe2B is brown.

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If it is necessary to show the microstructure of boronized layer and matrix at the same time(black aluminium oxide), the matrix microstructure can be displayed by etching with potassium trioxide and 5% nitric alcohol solution. The metallographic samples after inlaying are tested by metallographic automatic evaluation system(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit), and the thickness of nitrided layer is measured according to "determination of nitriding layer depth".(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting producers germany)

The Vickers hardness of the infiltrated layer was measured by mh-3 Vickers hardness tester(white aluminum oxide), and the measurement position was located in the cross section of the infiltrated layer. In order to reduce the system error, three fields of view are selected for each sample, and the average value is taken(low density white alumina). The corrosion surface and sliding wear surface were observed and analyzed by Philips quanta 200 scanning electron microscope. 

Other test parameters are controlled and tested by computer(white fused alumina). The m283 potentiostat produced by Perkin Elmer company of the United States is used as the conventional electrochemical polarization test equipment. The open circuit potential OCP changes with time, degreased with acetone(wholesale brown fused alumina), Tafel polarization curve and potentiodynamic polarization curve are measured with electrochemistry PowerSuite corrosion test software.

(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting producers germany)The scanning range of potentiodynamic polarization was - 250Mv ~ 1.6V (relative open circuit potential OCP), and the scanning speed was 0.166mv/s(pink alumina). The surface of the sample used in electrochemical polarization test was first wet ground with 800 mesh water sandpaper until the surface was smooth, then washed with deionized water, and then corroded after drying(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). The measurement time of eeom ~ t was 3600 s.

The upper ring represents the tubing as the static ring, and the lower block represents the sucker rod as the moving ring(black aluminum oxide media). Tafel polarization scanning range is - 250Mv ~ 250Mv (relative open circuit potential OCP), scanning speed is 0.166mv/s. The test load was 0.5N and the load duration was 103(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). The infiltrated sample is cut along its cross section by wire cutting technology and then inlaid to make metallographic sample.

Bs210s analytical balance (test precision 0.0001g) was used to test the wear mass loss of the samples before and after wear to determine the mass wear amount(black fused alumina). According to the principle that the sliding speed of the sucker rod is similar to that of the tubing in the process of eccentric wear, the rotating speed of the testing machine is 300r / minl(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit), the corresponding sliding speed is 1.0m/s, and the test positive pressure is 49n.(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting producers germany)

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