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Cheap Aluminium Oxide Sandblasting Wholesale Hungary

White corundum is suitable for beautifying the surface of various high-end products, craftsmanship, or hardware products. The surface is white and clean without any impurities after blasting, eliminating cleaning troubles. Fine fused aluminum oxide can be used as the head of polishing. Can also be used as a variety of product additives.

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Surface processing: metal oxide layer, carbide black skin, metal or non-metal surface rust removal, white fused alumina such as gravity die casting, rubber mold oxide or release agent removal, ceramic surface black spots, uranium color removal, painting rebirth. Beautification processing: matting or matte treatment of various gold, K gold jewelry, precious metal products, non-metallic matte processing of crystal, glass, corrugation, acrylic, etc., and can make the black synthetic corundum surface of the processed metal luster.

(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting wholesale hungary)Etching: jade, crystal, agate, semi-precious stone, white aluminum oxide, elegant stone, antique, marble tombstone, ceramics, wood, bamboo etc. Advanced spray paint made of natural colored sand has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, bright gloss, soft color tone and strong three-dimensional sense. Pre-processing: Teflon, PU, rubber, plastic coating, rubber roller (ROLLER), electroplating, metal spray welding, titanium plating and other pre-treatments to increase aluminium oxide blasting grit surface adhesion.

Acid refractory materials use silicon oxide as the main component, and silica bricks and clay bricks are commonly used. The garnet suppliers raw materials used are silica, waste silica brick, etc., which has strong resistance to acid slag erosion, high load softening temperature, and the volume does not shrink or even slightly expand after artificial corundum repeated calcination; However, it is susceptible to erosion by alkaline slag and has poor thermal shock resistance.(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting wholesale hungary)

Silica brick is a siliceous product containing more than 93% of silicon oxide. Neutral refractory materials use black alumina, chromium oxide or carbon as the main component. Corundum products containing more than 95% alumina are a wide range of high-quality refractory materials. The chromium brick with 46 grit aluminum oxide as the main component has good corrosion resistance to steel slag, but poor thermal shock resistance and low temperature load deformation temperature.

(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting wholesale hungary)Magnesia bricks are commonly used. Magnesia bricks containing 80% to 85% of magnesium oxide have good resistance to alkaline slag and iron slag, and corundum white have higher fire resistance than clay bricks and silica bricks. Carborundum should be placed in a dry place. Basically, it should not be added according to the proportion of its own formula. Alkaline refractory materials use magnesium oxide and calcium oxide as the main aluminum oxide blasting abrasive components.

Do not add too much aluminium oxide abrasive grit powder. White is better. If it is colored, it must be weighed. 200 mesh must be placed on copper or iron. It is difficult to control the color difference on the cardboard. The new interior and exterior wall stone paint, relief, real stone paint and other aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit products made of natural colored sand have the characteristics of wear resistance, waterproof, anticorrosive, non-toxic, strong adhesion, and colorful colors Wait.(cheap aluminium oxide sandblasting wholesale hungary)

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