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It can be said that what are the quality requirements of the various materials used in the bottom of the pre-melted aluminum electrolytic cell(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia)? Therefore, silicon nitride and silicon carbide are mostly used as side lining materials for electrolytic cells with a current strength of more than 240kA, so as to prevent the deterioration of the insulation material(fine grit aluminum oxide). 

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Compared with refractory bricks, dry impermeable materials have the following advantages(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia): when dry impermeable materials are in contact with molten electrolyte, they can react with each other to form a glass barrier layer, thereby effectively preventing the electrolyte from continuing to leak to the insulation layer and extending the life of the tank(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). 

Make the insulation bricks under 800℃ during production, and the insulation board at the working temperature below 400℃, which can maintain the insulation performance for a long time(aluminum oxide anti slip grit); in addition, once the electrolyte Through the cathode carbon block lattice or leakage from its cracks, firstly, it crystallizes on the surface of the refractory brick masonry, without directly damaging the insulation brick(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia).

Some electrolytic cells also spread a layer of 65mm alumina powder between the insulation bricks and the refractory bricks(240 grit aluminum oxide); the alumina powder and refractory bricks are the protective layer for thermal insulation at the bottom of the tank(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). However, the edges of the large pre culture tank with blanking in the middle are not processed, and the crust on the tank side is formed by natural cooling and solidification of electrolyte(alumina abrasive). 

Some refractory bricks have a carbon cushion layer on the surface, and a cathode carbon block group is installed on the cushion layer, and the gaps between the cathode carbon blocks are fixed with a center gap paste(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). In recent years, more electrolytic cells have replaced alumina powder, refractory bricks and carbon cushions with a layer of 150-180mm thick dry impermeable material, and it is easy to form a stable side crust(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia).

The asbestos board used in the bottom of the electrolytic cell is a plate-shaped heat-insulating material made of asbestos as the main raw material, adding binders and fillers(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). Silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide has high resistivity and good electrical insulation, which can reduce the horizontal current, greatly reduce the possibility of side leakage and improve the current efficiency, which makes the furnace stable and regular(150 grit aluminum oxide). 

The asbestos board is required to have uniform structure, uniform thickness, and smooth surface, but it is allowed to have felt indentation or double-sided texture on one side(alumina blasting). Defects such as cracking, blistering, delamination, and missing corners are not allowed(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). At present, there is no unified quality standard for magnesium fluoride in China, and the more commonly adopted corporate standards are shown in the table(alumina sand).

The technical performance requirements of the generally used asbestos powder(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive): short fiber asbestos 10%, light refractory clay calcium and magnesium powder 90%; bulk density of Q.86g/em, heat resistance not less than 600℃, moisture not more than 5%, heat The conductivity is not more than 0.093W/(m·K)(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). Maintain a good heat preservation effect at the bottom of the tank and reduce energy consumption. 

The calcium silicate insulation board used in the electrolytic cell must comply with the national standard GB/T10699-1998, and the indicators are detailed in the table(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The use of dry impermeable material instead of refractory bricks in the electrolytic cell is a major improvement(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). The side insulation requirements of different types of electrolytic cells are different, and the surface structure and materials are also different.

The loss on ignition of asbestos board is not more than 18%(aluminium oxide blasting), the moisture content is not more than 3%, and the density is not more than 1.3g/em(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). Generally, because the corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity of graphite carbon block are better than ordinary carbon materials, it can basically meet the requirements of heat dissipation at the side of the pre culture tank and form a stable and regular tank face(1200 grit aluminum oxide). 

Use dry impermeable material, omit the alumina isolation layer, refractory brick layer and carbon cushion layer, and directly spread a layer of dry impermeable material on the thermal insulation refractory brick(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). After the dry impermeable material is flattened and compacted, the construction of the dry impermeable material is convenient(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The physical properties of dry impervious material shall meet the requirements in table.

It can shorten the construction period of the electrolytic cell or overhaul, and improve the utilization rate of the equipment(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). When the electrolytic cell is overhauled, under normal circumstances, most of the impermeable materials can be reused, only need to remove the glass barrier layer and replace a small amount of new materials, saving labor and materials(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The transverse tensile strength is not less than 0.8MPa.

The earliest small and medium-sized self culture tanks and the earlier small and medium-sized edge feeding pre culture tanks require good side insulation and minimize side heat dissipation(aluminium oxide blasting media). Then install the cathode carbon block group, and fill the gap between the periphery of the heat insulation plate and the steel shell with refractory powder(silicon carbide grit); Dry build two layers of 65mm thick insulating bricks on the refractory powder(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). 

The insulating board and insulating brick form the main thermal insulation layer at the bottom of the tank(alumina grit), so that the initial crystallization temperature isotherm of the electrolyte during production falls below the cathode carbon block, and the sediment on the surface of the bottom carbon block will not condense, so as to avoid the stress surface damage to the cathode caused by the crystallization of the electrolyte in the gap of the carbon block(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia).

It not only saves materials, but also makes the cathode located on a very flat and elastic impervious material cushion, which is conducive to eliminating stress and prolonging the service life of the cathode(alumina abrasive powder). The shell of electrolytic cell above 300kA also needs to be welded with heat sink or other special heat dissipation devices to further increase the heat dissipation of the side wall of the cell bore(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia).

Compared with graphite block, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide material has the following advantages(garnet blasting media): silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide has good thermal conductivity, which is conducive to the normal operation of the electrolytic cell(glass bead abrasive); The complete and stable cell side crust not only reduces the heat loss of the cell side wall, but also protects the lining material itself and prolongs the service life of the electrolytic cell(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). 

Silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide has good mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, compactness and hardness, which is conducive to prolonging the service life of the electrolytic cell(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia). Heat sink is often added on the large surface of the tank shell to increase the heat dissipation area of the tank shell, which is conducive to the formation of lining furnace side(silicon carbide powder).

The thermal insulation is too difficult to form a regular furnace face(aluminum oxide blasting grit). Thus, using silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide side lining can reduce its thickness and increase the effective area of the groove chamber(steel shot abrasive). Without changing the groove shell size, the aluminum output of a single groove can be increased by increasing the anode size, improving the current intensity and increasing the groove capacity(cheap aluminium oxide suppliers macedonia).

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