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No matter which way austenite surrounds graphite sphere, the two phases will continue to grow in the form of divorced eutectic(400 grit aluminum oxide powder). The volume of dendrite expands outward, and the graphite accepts the carbon atoms discharged from austenite, and continues to increase in the enclosure of solid phase(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Dendrite growth is controlled by carbon atom diffusion rate, while graphite growth is controlled by iron atom self diffusion.

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Austenite in liquid phase grows along the preferred direction and secondary dendrite is produced(brown fused alumina oxide). These small graphite balls will also be covered by the growing austenite. Each grain contains many graphite spheres with different sizes. The silicon concentration in cast iron shows different color in different parts under the specific reagent etching(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). This situation has also been confirmed in Color Metallographic examination.

(cheap aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers thailand)However, due to the limitation of isotropic diffusion of carbon atoms(synthetic corundum price), the preferred growth direction is replaced by isotropic growth, and secondary dendrites and multiple dendrites are no longer produced. In the micro shrinkage cavity of Hypereutectic nodular cast iron, the eutectic grains left by austenite coated spheroidal graphite can be clearly seen(wholesale brown fused alumina). The graphite ball will continue to grow after being surrounded by austenite.

It is confirmed that there are more than one graphite ball in a eutectic group of austenite spheroidal graphite, but some graphite balls with different number(fine grit aluminum oxide). During the growth of eutectic austenite, a considerable part of the carbon discharged from the interface enters into the molten iron before the interface(white fused alumina manufacturer). The carbon atoms establish the graphite crystal core on the effective nucleation matrix, and grow into smaller spherical graphite.(cheap aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers thailand)

During the solidification process of cast iron, the concentration of silicon in austenite center is higher than that in grain edge(180 grit aluminum oxide). The position and orientation of grain boundary can be identified by observing the distribution of the color zone corresponding to the lowest silicon concentration in the etched sample(aluminium oxide blasting grit). In other words, in the as cast structure of nodular cast iron, it is observed that each spheroidal graphite is always surrounded by a ferrite halo.

(cheap aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers thailand)The larger graphite spheres are surrounded by austenite at the first time and are all located in the grain(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The smaller graphite spheres precipitate and fall into austenite at a lower temperature when austenite has grown to a certain extent, so most of them are located at the grain edge(white fused alumina suppliers). The shape of eutectic grains is related to the size and quantity of graphite balls trapped in it, showing cauliflower like morphology.

However, through the research on the solidification process of nodular cast iron(buy brown fused alumina), it is because the carbon concentration at the austenite hot metal interface is greater than that at the austenite graphite ball interface, resulting in a carbon concentration gradient from the outside to the inside in the austenite cladding layer(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), leading to the diffusion of carbon atoms at the austenite hot metal interface through the cladding layer to the austenite graphite interface.

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