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If the sand particle is too coarse, it is easy to form a rough cavity surface, which will increase the surface roughness of the casting(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). Mechanical sanding can be divided into two types: sand drenching method (rain drenching method) and boiling method(alumina polishing powder). When the sand hopper is turned to the top, the sand particles are poured into the screen plate and fall evenly from the screen hole.

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The sand drenching method is also called rain drenching method, and its sand removal equipment includes rotary table type, vertical type, etc(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The disadvantage of this method is that the module needs to be turned over manually during sanding, which leads to high labor intensity and low production efficiency(46 grit aluminum oxide). The drying of silica sol coating has great influence on the strength and quality of shell.(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit factory uk)

If the sand particle size is too fine, it will affect the mutual combination between the mold shell layers and increase the delamination tendency of the mold shell(white fused alumina oxide mfg). Therefore, the appropriate particle size of the sand should be selected according to different requirements(white aluminium oxide powder), such as the sand for the surface layer of silica sol anchor powder coating The suitable grain size is 100 / 120 mesh and the sand for transition layer is 30 / 60.

(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit factory uk)As a result, the shell has delamination defects(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). The purpose of sanding on the coating is to fix the coating with sand particles and make the shell have enough strength. The sand particles in the coating can improve the permeability and yield of the shell, and prevent the coating from drying and hardening(white aluminum oxide grit). The target kaolinite clinker and the back layer sand are 16 / 30 mesh kaolinite clinker  Stone, etc.

The selection and determination of refractory powder and powder liquid ratio of silica sol surface coating in investment casting should be based on the factors such as different steel grades(white aluminum oxide 220 grit), shape and complexity of castings, surface quality requirements of castings, etc.(brown corundum powder), and choose and determine the domestic applicable binders, refractories and various raw materials in the practice of trial production and application.

The sand is lifted by the sand hopper installed on the rotary table(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). If the water-based emulsion cleaning fluid is used, the advantages of sand spraying method are uniform sand distribution and good quality; because the sand particles fall freely, it is not easy to break through the coating, and the surface roughness of mold shell is small(aluminium oxide abrasive grit), so it is most suitable for sanding of surface coating(or screen net).(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit factory uk)

The sand is stored in the sand cylinder, and the compressed air is introduced from the bottom inlet(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). Under the action of the compressed air or high-pressure blower, the sand particles are suspended to form a floating sand layer by the upper and lower pad hole plates 1 (or wire mesh) and felt 2(alumina abrasive). A layer of sand particles can be evenly sprinkled by inserting the module with immersed coating into the floating sand layer.

(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit factory uk)It is mainly used for mass production of civil and aviation castings with high quality requirements(mullite or Coal Research)(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). In modern investment casting industry, casting weight, the quality of the coating is usually controlled only by testing the viscosity and density of the coating (sometimes the uniformity and coverage of the coating are checked by light transmission of glass smear)(fused aluminum oxide).

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