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The results show that the strength of nylon 66 is 6.6% - 9.0%(white fused alumina), the softening point is 225 ℃ - 230 ℃, the melting point is 250 ℃ - 256 ℃, and the elongation is 20% - 30%. The printing property of nylon 66 is better than that of nylon 6. Polyester also has excellent properties like nylon 66, such as strength of 6.6% ~ 7.5%, softening point of 238 ℃ - 240 ℃(synthetic corundum), melting point of 255 ℃ - 260 ℃, elongation of 15% - 20%. For example, 100t, 80t, etc. 

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It can be seen from these data that the wire mesh needs to be corroded by many chemicals in the process of use(silicon carbide abrasive). Therefore, the chemical resistance of the wire mesh should be paid special attention to. Nylon 66 and polyester are not eroded by alkali at high temperature. At the same time, dilute acetic acid and dilute sulfuric acid do not react on them. Therefore, ink and diluent mixed with such acid, will not affect the chemical stability of the screen(garnet suppliers). It can also be expressed by the number of meshes per square centimeter.

(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit manufacturers usa)However, they are easy to be eroded by concentrated solution of formic acid, acetic acid and phenol, and toluene and olfactory toluene can decompose them(green silicon carbide). Therefore, attention should be paid to prevent contact with these chemicals during use. The number of mesh lines is mesh, which refers to the number of meshes per square inch (in2)(emery abrasive). For example, Western European countries, such as West Germany and Switzerland, use square centimeter as the unit when calculating mesh.

In Japan, the square inch is taken as the unit(black silicon carbide). When the square inch is used as the calculation unit, items are usually added directly after the number, such as 200 mesh, 250 mesh, etc. The conversion formula of T and target: t × 2.54 = item, for example, 100t is converted into item: 100t × 2.54 = 254 mesh. At present, with the continuous improvement of weaving technology, the mesh density can reach 500 mesh(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Usually, the higher the mesh size, the more fine the picture and text.(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit manufacturers usa)

If the screen is too dense, the oil permeability is poor, the printing text is not full, and the ink is easy to drop when etching(aluminum oxide abrasive). Fine graphics and text selection of 200 - 300 mesh screen, large graphic etching, using 150 mesh or even lower screen. The opening refers to the "lattice" woven by warp and weft used for weaving silk screen(garnet abrasive). Expressed as the square root of the mesh area, in UM. However, if the opening is too large, it will be difficult to control the oil flow.(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit manufacturers usa)

For example, if the mesh opening is 70UM, the average area of mesh space is 70UM × 70UM = 4900um(aluminum oxide grit). In the case of the same mesh number, the more detailed the silk thread is, the larger the opening is, and the larger the space ratio of the mesh is. It is easy to control the ink throughput with a small opening, so it is necessary to increase the scraper pressure when printing, but too small an opening will make it difficult for the ink to pass normally(steel grid). In square meters, add t after the number.

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