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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 16 Grit Suppliers China

However, the multi-step corrosion can only be completed after two or more times of anti-corrosion treatment and corrosion process to meet the design requirements(brown fused alumina). The size of corrosion window should be 596 mm × 346 mm when anti-corrosion treatment is carried out(aluminum oxide grit). After the parts are cleaned, the corrosion depth h = 2.5mm, the corrosion depth shall be measured again to see if it meets the design requirements.

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An example of cavity corrosion is also given here(brown aluminum oxide). The material thickness is 5mm, the etching depth h = 2.5mm, and the etching accuracy is ± 0.01mm. The etching speed is 0.015mm/min and the side etching rate is f = 0.8. For the etching process of this part, the etching time required is calculated first(synthetic corundum). It is the most economical and effective method to reduce the dimension shore of parts by chemical corrosion method.

(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit suppliers china)The design size of the two small windows on the front of the part is(brown aluminium oxide): 100 mm × 450 mm, the corrosion depth h = 2.5 mm, and the unilateral change of size after etching is 2.5 mm × 0.8 = 2 mm. The size of corrosion window should be 96mm × 446mm(emery abrasive). The design size of the large window on the back side of the part is 600mm × 350mm, and the unilateral change of the size after etching is 2.5mm × 0.8 = 2mm.

The parts after anti-corrosion treatment are put into the corrosion solution for corrosion processing(silicon carbide abrasive), and the corrosion method can be carried out by the multiple approximation method mentioned above. After the above steps, the corrosion protection of the exposed parts should be determined according to the following steps(80 grit aluminum oxide). This is another method to reduce the weight of parts by selective etching.(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit suppliers china)

At this time, the partial etching method can ensure the strength of the parts as much as possible under the premise of reducing the quality of the parts(green silicon carbide). The corrosion mass of this part is required to be 26.6kg(220 grit aluminum oxide). When calculating the corrosion mass, the method used is as follows: the maximum mass index is determined on the basis of the remaining metal thickness after corrosion equal to the minimum allowable thickness plus 0.05mm.

(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit suppliers china)Remove the anti-corrosion layer with alkali or solvent, the density is set as d = 7.68g/cm, and dry the parts after cleaning them completely(black silicon carbide). This method is especially suitable for the process of reducing the weight of some parts while maintaining the relative strength of parts(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). In the actual corrosion process, we can't take the parts out of the corrosion solution for measurement after 102 minutes of direct corrosion at one time.

After confirming that the corrosion depth is 0.30mm and 0.56mm respectively after retaining 0.05mm(aluminum oxide abrasive). For the stainless steel plate with material thickness of 1.55mm, and the etching speed is set as = 0.03mm/min(60 grit aluminum oxide). The minimum corrosion quality can be calculated according to the density of the selected stainless steel plate when the chemical corrosion reaches the four groove thickness specified above.(cheap aluminum oxide 16 grit suppliers china)

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