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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Abrasive France

The raw material of industrial white corundum, whose composition and granularity are suitable for the preparation of tabular corundum, is laid in the electric arc furnace to form a disc-shaped material layer with a certain thickness, aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh which is melted after arc starting; the melting system is controlled to ensure a relatively stable temperature range of 1900-2000 ℃ in the furnace material during the smelting process.

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The typical physical and chemical indexes of the fused plate corundum are as follows: Al2O3, 99.11%, SiO2, 0.07%, Fe2O3, 0.04%, Na2O, 0.23%, and the black silicon carbide suppliers particle density is 3.89g/cm2. SEI photos of the polished section of fused plate corundum were taken under low power mirror, and realizes the planarization of black aluminium oxide crystal. The X-ray diffraction lines also coincide with the plate alumina of Alcoa very well.(cheap aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive france)

It has been proved by practice that it can be realized to keep a temperature range of 1900 ~ 2000 ℃ in the furnace charge in the smelting process as long as the voltage and current parameters are controlled reasonably and the melting rate is maintained appropriately according to the type and capacity of the electric arc furnace. It makes the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media crystal in this ultra-high temperature region develop rapidly along the two-dimensional direction.

(cheap aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive france)The plate pink alumina produced by electrofusion is directly smelted by commercial alumina, which is also economically feasible. Due to the high temperature, Na2O in industrial alumina decomposes and volatilizes. The actual measurement results show that the content of Na2O in raw materials is about 0.5%, while the content of Na2O in fused plate fused aluminium oxide can be reduced to less than 0.3%, and the closed pores in the crystal are larger. 

The composition of fused plate corundum along the temperature gradient shows that the black silicon carbide factory content of Na2O in fused plate corundum at the high temperature end is lower. The ordered lamellar crystal structure can be clearly observed by scanning electron microscopy. The representative secondary electron image (SEI) of fused plate pink fused alumina. The sample is taken from the higher temperature area and the lower temperature area.(cheap aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive france)

The cross section is perpendicular to the temperature gradient direction, while the white fused alumina cross section is parallel to the temperature gradient direction. In addition to the clear plate-like crystal structure, there are many circular closed pores in the crystal, which is another major feature of the structure of fused plate-like chrome corundum. The two characteristics of fused tabular corundum are consistent with those of sintered tabular alumina.

(cheap aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive france)The difference is that the lamellar crystal of the fused plate-like white aluminum oxide develops more fully. It can also be found that the closed pore profile of the section parallel to the temperature gradient of the fused plate corundum is slightly elliptical, and its long axis is consistent with the direction of the black fused alumina temperature gradient. X-ray analysis (XRD) results: the main crystal phase is a-Al2O3, and there is a trace of - Al2O3.

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