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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Abrasive Wholesale Ireland

The continuous casting ratio (the white fused alumina proportion of continuous steel casting in the entire steelmaking industry) in modern developed countries is constantly rising. Because continuous casting is used instead of die casting, in addition to saving investment, increasing product yield, reducing aluminum oxide abrasive media steel costs, and improving working conditions, it can also reduce energy consumption and save molds and refractory materials.

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Therefore, continuous steel casting in major steel-producing black aluminum oxide media countries, especially Japan, has developed rapidly, and its continuous casting ratio is currently over 80%. To develop continuous cast steel, refractory is the key. At present, the development direction of alumina abrasive refractory production technology is to improve quality, and the "three high processes" are high raw material purity, high sintering temperature and high molding pressure.

(cheap aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive wholesale ireland)In terms of white aluminum oxide, its purity, ie, Al2O3, must be above 99%, the firing temperature is 1700 ~ 1900 ° C, and the forming pressure is 1000 ~ 3000 tons. Under such conditions, the formed brown fused alumina manufacturer (the main component is Al2O3. Second is a small amount of SiO2, Fe2O3, K2O and Na2O, etc.), high strength, high fire resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance.

For this reason, in addition to improving the purity of the raw corundum abrasive material Al2O3 and the temperature and pressure for firing, the content of K2O and Na2O must be strictly controlled. If the content of K2O and Na2O is too high, impurities in the corundum cannot enter the Al2O3 grains and the glass phase on the low density white alumina grain boundaries during the high-temperature firing process. Corundum brick is a product containing more than 390% Al2O3. (cheap aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive wholesale ireland)

In this way, the voids (pores) in the white corundum crystal will increase, and the densification of the corundum will decrease. If such corundum (usually flake) is used as the lining of a continuous casting steel furnace, its strength, fire resistance and thermal shock resistance will be far below the requirements due to the breathing effect of the pores. High-density white fused alumina manufacturer is one of the key materials in modern steelmaking industry.

(cheap aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive wholesale ireland)Corundum bricks are divided into semi-recombined or directly combined corundum bricks and dense aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive bricks. Semi-recombined or directly-corundum corundum bricks are made of fused alumina (or sintered corundum) and sintered alumina fine powder, white fused alumina suppliers sulfate or pulp waste liquid as a binding agent, and sintered at a high temperature of 1750 ~ 1800 ° C after high pressure molding.

To produce corundum suitable for continuous casting, the main technical key is how to increase the density of alumina grit. Corundum refractory products. At present, the ones in the United States and Japan can be controlled below 0.10%. At present, only the United States, Japan and a few other countries can make it. It is suitable for lining of brown fused aluminium oxide synthetic ammonia conversion furnace.(cheap aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive wholesale ireland)

Dense aluminum oxide 40 grit brick is a corundum refractory product made from light-burned alumina fine powder, carboxymethyl cellulose or dextrin as a binder, artificial granulation, mechanical compression molding, and sintering at a high temperature of 1750 ~ 1800 ° C. It has the characteristics of high Al2O3 content, white fused alumina price extremely low apparent porosity, high strength, strong corrosion resistance and strong scourability, etc.

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