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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 24 Grit Manufacturers USA

The control of the corrosion amount can be controlled according to the minimum corrosion amount of 26.6kg(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). Put the parts with the anticorrosive layer removed into the corrosion solution for the third time, and the erosion depth is 1.5mm. After this process is completed, the corrosion process of the three step parts is finished(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). According to these data, the etching time of each step and the window size of each step are determined.

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After the parts are cleaned, check whether the corrosion depth of each step is within the process requirements(synthetic corundum price). If the depth is not enough, the etching time can be increased appropriately. After reaching the specified depth, all the anti-corrosion layers can be removed and the process is finished. In the multi-step corrosion machining, special attention should be paid to the problem of machining error(180 grit aluminum oxide). The process and requirements of this method will be introduced later.

(cheap aluminum oxide 24 grit manufacturers usa)In the multi-step corrosion processing, the most primitive method of etching is often the most practical(wilson abrasive). In the corrosion process, in order to ensure that the corrosion depth is within the range specified by the process, in each corrosion process. For the control of corrosion depth, two or three-step approximation method can be used(fine grit aluminum oxide). If we want to achieve the expected geometric edge, we need to choose the appropriate corrosion method.

When determining the etching time(garnet abrasive), the etching speed and side erosion rate of the corroded metal materials should be tested, and then the etching time and the size of the corroded window can be determined according to the test etching speed and side corrosion rate(aluminium oxide blasting grit). As the work error will gradually accumulate in the process of multiple corrosion processing, the median value of work error must be taken for each corrosion process.

The method is as follows: and in the actual corrosion process(garnet suppliers), it is also necessary to accurately measure the corrosion size, so as to make up the position that deviates from the work error(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). One of the problems that should be paid attention to in multi-step corrosion is that the geometric shape of each step edge after corrosion will change with the increase of corrosion depth(including the quality of anti-corrosion layer).(cheap aluminum oxide 24 grit manufacturers usa)

Only when both of them meet the perfect cooperation, can the products with design requirements be processed(glass bead blasting media suppliers). As long as the whole part after anti-corrosion treatment is accurately weighed before corrosion, the accuracy of parts can be measured by using weighing balance and thickness dial indicator when the groove depth processing is almost completed(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive), it is necessary to detect and track the change of corrosion depth.

(cheap aluminum oxide 24 grit manufacturers usa)Here is an example(steel grid). First of all, the etching speed and side etching rate of the material should be determined by experiments. First find a sample plate which is completely consistent with the material of the corroded parts, and then apply the anti-corrosion layer after cleaning(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The closer the etching speed and side corrosion rate of these data are, the more reasonable the composition and concentration of corrosive agent are.

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