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That is to develop a paste composite penetrant which can spontaneously form a protective film when heated directly in the air(white aluminium oxide blasting media), so as to form a surface permeation layer with corrosion resistance and wear resistance through reaction, so as to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of sucker rod, and prolong its service life Service life(white aluminum oxide crystals). This method of producing active atoms is the most effective and widely used method.

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However, the amount of active atoms provided by this method is limited, so the rate of solid infiltration reaction is quite slow(aluminum oxide blasting grit). For gas-solid infiltration, including gas infiltration, powder packaging infiltration with activator and paste permeation, the active atoms of the penetrant metal are produced by the replacement, chemical reduction or thermal decomposition reaction of the permeating agent metal halide gas(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). It takes less energy to transfer atoms in this way, so it is one of the most easy diffusion ways.

(cheap aluminum oxide 24 grit producers china)In the past, the paste penetration process is complex and needs to be boxed and heated(brown fused alumina micropowder). Because there are always a certain number of vacancies in metal crystal lattice, and the higher the temperature is, the more vacancies there are. In the process of adsorption and absorption, the active atoms produced by the permeating agent reaction are adsorbed on the points with high free energy on the surface of the base metal(white aluminium oxide grit), and are gradually absorbed by the base metal.

In the diffusion process(brown fused alumina), with the continuous adsorption and absorption of the penetrating agent atoms, the infiltrating agent atoms diffuse into the matrix metal under the high temperature of the plating, and at the same time, the matrix metal atoms also diffuse into the infiltrating layer, so as to thicken the diffusion layer, which is called the diffusion process for short(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). However, if the position is exchanged by rotation, the activation energy is small and easy to occur.

For example, the active atoms are then dissolved into the base metal to form a surface solid solution layer or an intermetallic compound layer, which is the initial infiltration layer(brown aluminum oxide). As a kind of chemical heat treatment, diffusion plating is also composed of decomposition, absorption and diffusion. Many creative achievements have been made(brown aluminum oxide sand). In this project, a simple technology of corrosion resistance and wear resistance surface treatment technology is proposed.(cheap aluminum oxide 24 grit producers china)

In the displacement type solid solution, the diffusion can also be carried out according to the displacement mechanism(brown aluminum oxide grit). In this case, if the position exchange between adjacent atoms is adopted, the energy required is large and it is not easy to occur(aluminium oxide material for blasting). For solid solid infiltration, it is heated in a protective atmosphere, and the active atoms of the metal elements to be infiltrated are produced by the heat energy provided by high temperature.

(cheap aluminum oxide 24 grit producers china)Due to the complexity of the multicomponent process and the lack of deep research on the theory of Multicomponent Infiltration(brown aluminium oxide), there is no sufficient theory to explain various experimental facts. Multicomponent infiltration can give metal surface higher properties, such as corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance and so on, so the application of multicomponent infiltration is expanding at present(white aluminium oxide powder). This process is a physical process.

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