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Some physical methods(brown fused aluminum oxide factory), such as mechanical vibration and ultrasonic treatment, chilling and crystallization under pressure, can improve the microstructure of cast iron. The phase diagram shows the existence temperature(brown aluminium oxide grit), composition range of each phase and the critical data of liquid-solid phase transformation and solid-state transformation of iron-carbon alloys with different carbon contents under equilibrium conditions.

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However, when the cooling rate of the alloy is high, the iron atoms can't be fully evacuated, and the carbon atoms are limited to move(buy brown fused alumina). Under the condition of equilibrium transformation, the necessary condition for the formation of graphite crystal is that the carbon atom has enough activity ability(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). In the production environment, the actual cooling rate of cast iron during cooling and solidification is usually higher than that of equilibrium cooling rate.

(cheap aluminum oxide 24 grit wholesale suppliers brazil)It is characterized by duality(white fused alumina). Under different phase transformation conditions, metastable Fe-C alloys with metastable high carbon phase cementite and stable system Fe-C alloy with stable high-carbon phase graphite may appear. Secondly, in the crystal growth zone around the graphite core, iron atoms can fully self diffuse(best alumium oxide for glass blasting), providing growth space for graphite crystal, and the carbon atoms and iron are synthesized into cementite.

In addition, in this case, the iron and carbon atoms migrate in a short distance to carry out the chemical reaction(high purity fused aluminum oxide). Because the third element and more other elements change the activity of carbon in liquid or solid solution and affect the escape ability of carbon atoms in liquid iron (or solid iron). In this paper, the solidification data of gray cast iron from the production site are compared with the data shown in the phase diagram(white aluminium oxide 180/220). The phase boundary of Y single phase region shifts to the left.

This is because silicon atoms occupy some positions in austenite lattice, which leads to the decrease of carbon solubility in austenite(wholesale brown fused alumina). For example, when the content of silicon in Fe-C alloy is 2% or 4%, the maximum solubility of carbon decreases to 1.7% or 1.4%, respectively. At the same time, the a single-phase region and a + y two-phase region also change(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). Phase transformation or chemical reaction in alloy system is a process of energy change.(cheap aluminum oxide 24 grit wholesale suppliers brazil)

The carbon content at eutectoid point is reduced to 0.6% and 0.4%(aluminium oxide blasting grit), and the eutectoid transition temperature increases with the increase of silicon content, and the range of transformation temperature is enlarged accordingly. The formation process of high carbon phase is relatively complex when silicon is present in the Fe-C alloy(brown aluminum oxide factory). These factors can make the transformation parameters and solidification structure of cast iron deviate from pure alloy.

(cheap aluminum oxide 24 grit wholesale suppliers brazil)The results show that the critical eutectic transition temperature of stable system increases and that of metastable system decreases after silicon addition(white fused alumina suppliers). Besides iron, carbon and silicon, the molten iron also contains other chemical components, and the molten iron is oxidized and polluted in the melting process(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit), so that the actual critical point of phase transformation and the range of phase zone of cast iron are different from the equilibrium phase diagram.

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