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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 30 Or 40 Grit Suppliers China

In short, the operating cost of white aluminum oxide 80 grit enterprises in China is about 60-70 US dollars / ton higher than the average operating cost of alumina plants in Australia. Worsley alumina plant in Australia has the lowest production cost in the world, which is about 70 US dollars / ton. In order to meet the requirements of electrolytic aluminum industry, we need to further improve and stabilize the brown aluminium oxide grit production technology of sand alumina.

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The glass bead abrasive production method with the lowest energy consumption in the world is the pipeline digestion technology represented by VAW in Germany. The energy consumption is only 8.6gj/ta0. The quality of alumina products is not high, and most of them are intermediate alumina. At present, most of the domestic metallurgical grade alumina products are intermediate alumina, alumina production process is long, garnet abrasive price with fine particle size and large wear index.

Due to long production process, low equipment level, low level of automatic control and management of steel shot abrasive production, low labor productivity. In a word, the main problems existing in alumina industry in China are summarized as follows: due to the processing of medium and low-grade bauxite by the mixed process, energy consumption is high, silicon carbide 180 grit production cost is high, product quality is poor, labor production rate is low, and construction investment is large.

Bauxite is used as raw material in Bayer process. This is why the sales price of domestic white fused alumina products is determined by the price of imported alumina. The process flow is long, and the construction investment is large. For large and medium-sized alumina construction projects, these elements will first precipitate on the cathode in the electrolysis process, the construction investment of unit products of the mixed process is more than 20% higher than that of the conventional Bayer process.

If white aluminum oxide contains more negative elements (alkali metal and alkaline earth metal) than aluminum, these elements will react with aluminum fluoride during electrolysis, resulting in the increase of aluminum fluoride consumption. The quality requirements for alumina in electrolytic refining are as follows: Therefore, the best alumium oxide for glass blasting used for electrolytic aluminum smelting must have high purity and the impurity content should be as low as possible.

The energy consumption of Bayer process in Guangxi Branch of our country is similar to that of foreign Bayer process, while the energy consumption of white corundum sintering process and combined process is about 2-4 times of the average energy consumption of foreign Bayer process. The purity of alumina is the main factor that affects the quality of primary aluminum, and also affects the technical and economic indicators of the electrolysis process. the purity of aluminum oxide blast media and the physical properties of alumina.

At the same time, if the electrolyte contains phosphorus, vanadium, titanium, iron and other impurities, the glass beads manufacturers current efficiency will be reduced. According to the calculation, for every 0.1% increase of Na2O content in alumina, 3.8kg more expensive aluminum fluoride is needed for the production of 1t aluminum. If alumina contains oxides (Fe2O3, SiO2, TiO2, v20s, etc.) which are more electropositive than aluminum, thus reducing the quality of white aluminium oxide 180/220.

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