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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 320 Grit Manufacturers Canada

The heat dissipation is more effective than the side(steel shot abrasive), the temperature of each special frame meets the requirements of safe production phase and stable operation, and the proper crust thickness is maintained on the side of the electrolysis plant, indicating that the optimized configuration of the inner village of the 400kA-class electrolytic cell with a new structure is successful(white fused aluminum oxide). And look at the stress field.

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Compared with the traditional cathode carbon block, the size of Bangyao yin and acid inflammation has been increased, and the width has been increased from 600 mm to 700 mm(arc fused alumina). Each of the Aji steel Buddhas whose power is discharged from the side of the middle transmission is verified. Two roots(white fused alumina suppliers). The analysis of the change in performance will affect the structure of the same pole is this thermal analysis The second question.(cheap aluminum oxide 320 grit manufacturers canada)

The increased anode current density caused by the intensified electrical application(garnet abrasive price), and the high yield rate of the phase, should pay attention to the management of the electrolyte knot, and promptly involve in expensive manufacturing. After the width of the carbon block of the special-shaped brush increases, the distance between the cradles increases and the overall number decreases(brown fused alumina suppliers), and the performance of the sugar shell structure has changed.

(cheap aluminum oxide 320 grit manufacturers canada)Finally, the quantity is optimized to suit the temperature and low voltage process conditions(silicon carbide companies), the electrolysis follows the internal material structure, and the 400kA new structure electric radiation precision isotherm distribution is reasonable. And the electricity is indeed close to free expansion and contraction conditions(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Two kinds of lead electrolytic fine structures were selected through the finite element analysis of the force field combination.

Through the analysis and comparison of the calculation results(glass beads supplier), the mechanical properties of the oblique electrolytic fines with the special-shaped cathode structure were simplified, and the mechanical properties of the new aluminum electrolytic sugar structure Make an assessment and put forward reasonable opinions and suggestions on the base vinegar(black silicon carbide suppliers). The TYP Bao structure is slightly better than the TYPE1 structure.(cheap aluminum oxide 320 grit manufacturers canada)

The special displacement value of the vertical Guoji steel of the TYPE2 structure is only 0.27mm, which has no adverse effect on the internal material structure(green carborundum); the lateral deformation of the cathode steel rod of the TYPE2 structure will affect the cathode steel and the steel. The thermal deformation of the cathode steel is completely released(aluminium oxide blasting grit), and the thermal stress on the solid electrode and internal material structure can be ignored.

(cheap aluminum oxide 320 grit manufacturers canada)The previous analysis of the equivalent stress field of the cathode carbon block and steel strip of the TYPE1 structure and the TYPE2 structure shows that the overall mechanical properties of the TYPE1 structure and the TYPE2 structure are not much different(black oxide aluminum), and they are both within a safe range. Will this effect cause magnetic damage to the rigid pole carbon block and the lining structure? It is the main problem of thermal stress analysis(brown fused alumina factory). 

After the 400kA electrolytic fine starts and reaches stable operation, the magnetic field test results are shown in the figure(silicon carbide price). After intensifying the current, it is necessary to test on three sides (heat dissipation window, cathode square pin, and bottom copper plate) with alcohol, especially the trace of the temperature of the cathode dissolution plate, and find and handle abnormal situations in time(high purity fused aluminum oxide). The conductive contact performance.(cheap aluminum oxide 320 grit manufacturers canada)

The thermal strain of the cathode steel rod cannot be completely released, which will have an impact on the stress field of the cathode carbon block structure(fused alumina). The force of the cradle frame of the TYPE2 structure does not increase much, just add a little error to the transmission monitoring frame(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Avoid the electrolyte containing carbon to open the temperature. The main measures are taken to improve the situation.

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