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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 320 Grit Producers UK

Etching time 1 = 2.5 / 0.0513 = 48.7 min, taking 49 min(silicon carbide grit). If the anti-corrosion layer retained for the first time is damaged or has the tendency to be damaged, the anti-corrosion layer shall be re coated. After drying, the window of H3 is opened, that is, the anti-corrosion layer other than D1 + D2 + 3 is removed(aluminum oxide sandblasting). The width of the upper layer's horizontal etching amount should be added during the engraving.

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The geometric shapes of the multi-step edge obtained by these two different methods are also different, and the design of the corrosion process is also different(carborundum abrasives). The detailed discussion is as follows: before designing the corrosion process, set the relevant dimensions in the drawing first: HL = 2.5mm; h2 = 1.5mm; H3 = 2.5mm; D1 = 100mm; 2 = 165mm; D3 = 120mm; D4 = 175mm(carborundum grit suppliers). The cumulative tolerance is 0.05mm.(cheap aluminum oxide 320 grit producers uk)

After the parts are cleaned and coated with anti-corrosion layer and dried thoroughly(green silicon carbide powder). The actual corrosion window at al is the size of D1 plus the corrosion amount under the upper layer: 100 + (2.5 × 0.678) = 101.695mm, the anti-corrosion layer does not need to be removed, taking 101.7mm(silicon carbide grit suppliers). The required size after corrosion is 100 mm; D1 + Al is 101.7 mm which is actually required to be protected before corrosion begins.

(cheap aluminum oxide 320 grit producers uk)In the two methods in example 5(black silicon carbide powder): after the parts are corroded for the first time and pass the measurement, the anti-corrosion layer is not removed, and the anti-corrosion layer is coated on the surface of the first corrosion for the second time. After drying(carborundum powder), the window of H2 shall be scratched to remove the anti-corrosion layer except D1 + D2 Add the width of horizontal corrosion under the upper layer.

The surface size to be protected for the second time is D1 + D2 + A2 = 100 + 165 + 1.02 = 266.02mme, etching time 2 = 1.5/0.0s13w29(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The corrosion depth guaranteed for the second time is m2 and D2. The surface size to be protected for the third time is D1 + D2 + D3 + a3 = 100 + 165 + 120 + 1.7 = 386.7mm(aluminum oxide blasting). The etching time is 3 = 2.5 / 0.0513-48.7. The depth of H3 and the size of 4 should be ensured for the third corrosion.(cheap aluminum oxide 320 grit producers uk)

After the parts are etched by the second process, and the anti-corrosion layer is coated on the window after the second corrosion, and the other places are repaired with the same process 2(carborundum grit). The etching depth of H3 is 2.5mm, and the horizontal corrosion amount under the layer is A3 = 2.5 × 0.67 8 = 1.695mm, taking 1.7mm(silicon carbide abrasive powder). When opening the window of Al, pay attention to the corrosion under the layer in horizontal direction.

(cheap aluminum oxide 320 grit producers uk)After the corrosion protection is finished, all the coatings can be removed for the last time(silicon carbide 180 grit). This method first corrodes the depth of HL, then the depth of H2, and finally the depth of H3. The geometric shape of the surface of the parts corroded by this method is not consistent with that of the method i. only the geometry of H3 is the same as above(alumina polishing powder), and H1 and H2 present a section with a large slope.

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