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Therefore, according to the microscope, in order to make transconductance materials practical, people started the process of high temperature superconductivity(corundum sand). From 1911 to 1086, the superconducting temperature increased from 4.2K to 23.22k. In January 1086, the superconducting temperature of steel oxide was 30K(silicon carbide 180 grit). Some of them have been successfully integrated into the actual power grid test operation.

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On December 30, the record steel was registered as 40.2k. In 1987, it rose to 43K, and soon to 46K and 53k(garnet suppliers). It was discovered on February 15 98K. With the development of technology, new superconducting materials are emerging. And put into actual power grid demonstration operation(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). In 3010, a 200m long, 10kV / layer Ka high temperature phase conducting DC line was fabricated and tested by Central University of muben.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 60 grit suppliers philippines)

In the power industry(aluminum oxide abrasive), since the mid-2000s, the United States, moto, muben, China and South Korea have carried out research on high temperature superconducting (HTS) lighting and completed the development of multi system HTS wires. There will be great loss in EHV transmission. However, the superconductor with higher critical temperature has not yet entered the practical stage(aluminium oxide polishing powder), which limits the application of superconducting power transmission.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 60 grit suppliers philippines)The advent of high temperature superconducting materials paves the way for superconducting materials to move from laboratory to home(black aluminum oxide media). In 1909, the 30 m long, 12.5 kV / 1.25 Ka three-phase high-temperature AC power cable was first installed in its headquarters for debt power operation by Southern Electric Wire Company of the United States(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Electrolysis industry is based on rough processing of raw materials and high energy consumption.

Since then, many groups of long-distance HTS necks have been put into operation in the actual power grid, mainly in the United States(aluminum oxide grit). Three groups of three-phase AC HTS environments with lengths of 200m, 350m and 600m, the longest in the world, have been developed. Flow through the device for 20 minutes, read the volume of each part, the maximum temperature is not more than 80 ℃, within the allowable range(chrome corundum). The cases are detailed.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 60 grit suppliers philippines)

In 2006, Sumitomo completed the development and delivery of the world's first group of 160m long, 22.9kv/1.25ka three-phase AC high temperature superconductors to Korea(aluminum oxide blasting media). Since then, in addition to the research and development of high-temperature electrical conductivity, China has begun to develop AC and DC simultaneously(white aluminum oxide powder). In 2001, Denmark developed a 30 m long AC power cable. Electrolytic production needs high density.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 60 grit suppliers philippines)In China, the 360m long(garnet abrasive), 10kA high temperature superconducting DC power transmission project is jointly developed by the Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Henan Zhongjie Industrial Co., Ltd. It will be put into the electrolytic aluminum industry for engineering demonstration operation in 2011(artificial corundum). It is the world's largest transmission current and the first high temperature superconducting wire for industrial application.

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