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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 40 Grit Manufacturers China

Since the raw corundum white materials are very pure, no chemical reaction occurs in the operation of the electric furnace, but the temperature and cooling rate of the molten liquid have a great influence on the structure of the block. When the Na2O in the raw material is solidified, β-Al2O3 is formed, and it is easy to concentrate in the central part of the white aluminum oxide blast media block, which will adversely affect the refractory and abrasive materials.

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Today we compare the differences and performance of fused buy brown fused alumina and fused brown alumina, and understand the relationship between the two in detail: It is made of calcined alumina or industrial alumina as raw material and is melted at high temperature in an electric arc furnace. Al2O3 ≥ 99%, white, lump material, apparent porosity 6% ~ 10%, main brown fused aluminum oxide factory crystal phase is α-Al2O3, It is long and rhombic, and often has a skeletal crystal.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers china)

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the Na2O content in the raw white fused aluminum oxide material. In addition, there is a small amount of nepheline and glass in the block. white corundum uses natural bauxite as raw material, carbon (mainly coke) as a reducing agent, and iron filings as a precipitant (clarifying agent) to form ferrosilicon sinking on the bottom of the electric furnace. brown aluminium oxide manufacturer is brown, generally Al2O3 ≥94.5%, SiO2 ≤3.5%, TiO2 ≤3.5%, Fe2O3 ≤1%.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers china)The mineral composition is mainly α-Al2O3. The color of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit is largely dependent on the titanium oxide remaining in the product. Therefore, the abrasive should have chemical stability to avoid chemical abrasion. This article introduces you to a natural, long life and low cost diamond abrasive tool. what is now commonly referred to as "fused alumina" generally refers to "fused white alumina". white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit is mainly used as abrasive. 

The central part of the white aluminum oxide crystal shape is rhombus, thick plate and cracked particles, and there are more silicon oxide and calcium oxide melt crystals around it, which are long plate-shaped and the coarsest grains are Skeleton lamellar. Because the impurities have not been completely removed, brown aluminum oxide 70 grit also contains calcium hexaaluminate, anorthite, spinel, rutile, and other subcrystalline phases, as well as glass phases, iron alloys, and solid solutions.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers china)

In recent years, it has been used as castables for large and medium-sized blast furnaces and aggregates for white fused alumina oxide mfg tapping anhydrous cannon mud, the proportion of raw materials is: as well as raw materials for manufacturing ordinary corundum bricks (including high-alumina silicon carbide). Most of the domestic abrasive tools use white aluminum oxide 220 grit as the main raw material, but the polished stone plate has low gloss and sharpness, and its service life is not long.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers china)In terms of white fused alumina homogeneity, it is important to obtain as dense a mass as possible. phenolic resin powder 45% -50%, butyral 8% -10%, rare earth 4% -8 , Silicon Carbide 18% -30, Oxide 5% -6, Additive 3% -5. Pretreatment of raw materials such as rare earth and silicon carbide: dosing according to the ratio of raw materials and stir evenly; white aluminium oxide manufacturer put raw materials and additives into the grinding tool to complete the pressing process and solidify, and bond as required.

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