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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 40 Grit Manufacturers Russia

Its production is related to the quality of raw materials. When industrial brown aluminum oxide 250 grit powder contains more Na2O, more β-Al2O3 will be generated, so the content of Na2O in industrial alumina must be strictly controlled. On the other hand, fewer pores and high density frits, the smelting process also has a great impact on the β-Al2O3 crystals. white fused aluminium oxide is black in color. 

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A reasonable process can segregate the β-Al2O3 crystals and concentrate them in a certain range, steel shot abrasive which is easy to separate from corundum. The main reason is that in the smelting process, the carbon in the furnace is seriously doped, and the human carbon is not burned well. We know that the melting point of white aluminum oxide abrasive is as high as 2050 ° C. When the melt containing alumina is cooled, the corundum first crystallizes.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers russia)

The white fused alumina melt containing more impurities is squeezed out to the middle and upper part of the furnace, which has a higher temperature and is still in the liquid state. Therefore, to make the β-Al2O3 crystals well segregated and concentrated, it is necessary to make the melt have a higher temperature and good fluidity to facilitate the segregation of impurities in various parts and the concentration of β-Al2O3 crystals. The wholesale brown fused alumina mixture is heated in boiling distilled water.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers russia)Select the middle and lower furnace body with large crystals, and use them for white aluminum oxide refractory materials after processing. Secondly, after the furnace is shut down, it is naturally cooled, and it is slowly cooled for a period of time so that the β-Al2O3 crystal has sufficient time for segregation. The preventive measures are as follows: first, try to avoid and reduce the carbon doping in the brown fused alumina oxide smelting process; second, try to oxidize the mixed carbon as much as possible. 

The method of crushing white corundum is basically the same as that of brown corundum. However, the water quality of white corundum should be cleaned, otherwise the quality and color of corundum will be affected. The upper part of the white corundum frit is generally a loose skeleton or porous structure with a high impurity content; the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers center and lower part are compact bulk or granular structures with a low impurity content.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers russia)

After the glass beads manufacturers block is smashed, in addition to the block size that can meet the processing requirements of the next process, manual sorting should be performed according to the appearance characteristics. The ministry-issued standard YB814-1975 of the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry of China stipulates the technical conditions of industrial 100 grit aluminum oxide white, and has not made any provision for some trace impurities.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit manufacturers russia)The reaction formula is re-dissolved → garnet abrasive price filtered and cooled to crystallize → rinse the crystal block with water → heated to boil the crystallized solution. In the end, pure aluminum ammonium sulfate crystals can be obtained. The crystals are dehydrated in an oven at 180-200 ° C and decomposed in an electric furnace at 900-1000 ° C, white fused alumina price and ammonium and sulfate are removed to obtain Al2O3, 99.9% or more alumina fine powder.

During the glass bead abrasive smelting period, periodic batch feeding is adopted, and the thickness of the material layer is generally about 300mm. The main chemical composition of industrial alumina is Al2O%, and usually there is a small amount of SiO2, Fe2O3, TiO2, NazO, MgO, CaO and H2O. Industrial alumina is required to have a high purity, and the brown fused aluminium oxide impurity content, especially SiO2, should be as low as possible. Mix Al2 (SO2) 3+ (NH) 2SO2 in proportion.

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