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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 40 Grit Suppliers France

Pull the lever on the tailstock, and the top sleeve can be extended or retracted for clamping the white fused alumina manufacturer workpiece. The worktable is mainly used to directly install the tailstock, reversing block (automatic reversing or manual operation of the worktable), grinding wheel dressing tools, etc. Adjust the distance between the two stops according to the travel length of the brown aluminum oxide 250 grit worktable.

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The worktable is driven by hydraulic pressure, white fused alumina suppliers which can make a linear reciprocating motion along the longitudinal guide rail on the bed and realize the longitudinal feeding of the workpiece. Its main shaft is driven by another motor and can rotate around the bracket. When it is used, it turns down and over the grinding wheel bracket when it is not used. Surface grinder is mainly used to grind the plane of white fused aluminium oxide workpiece.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit suppliers france)

The axial component force produced by the slight inclination of the guide wheel axis is that the brown fused aluminium oxide workpiece automatically moves and feeds along the axial direction. The working table is divided into two layers, the upper layer can deflect a small angle (± 8 °) in the horizontal plane, so as to grind the conical surface with small taper. The internal grinding head is mainly used to install the grinding wheel for white aluminum oxide abrasive grinding the internal surface.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit suppliers france)The linear reciprocating motion of the brown fused alumina worktable on the universal external grinder and the automatic radial feeding of the grinding wheel, as well as the fast automatic back and approach, are all driven by hydraulic pressure. Compared with mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission has the characteristics of wholesale brown fused alumina stable operation, no impact, no vibration, convenient speed regulation and reversing, easy to realize automation, etc.

Next, take the brown aluminum oxide realization process of the linear reciprocating motion of the worktable as an example to introduce the hydraulic transmission. During operation, the pressure oil is transmitted from the hydraulic pump 13 to the change-over valve 6 through the pipeline, and then flows to the right or left end of the hydraulic cylinder 15 to make the table 2 move to the left or right for feeding. there are T-grooves on the brown fused alumina oxide worktable for installation.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit suppliers france)

At the same time, the oil at the other end of the hydraulic cylinder 15 passes through the brown aluminium oxide reversing valve 6 (the reversing of the workbench, and the oil valve 16 controls the speed and stability of its conversion). slide valve 10 and throttle valve 11 (regulating the movement speed) flow back to the oil tank. The grinding wheel and the guide wheel rotate in the same direction and drive the workpiece to rotate and 100 grit aluminum oxide white grind the outer circle.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit suppliers france)The travel of the brown fused alumina manufacturer worktable is controlled by the stop 5. When the left stroke of the worktable is over, the stop 5 first pushes the lever 8 to the vertical position, and then under the action of the spring cap 14, the lever 8 and the piston continue to move to the left to complete the reversing action; at the same time, the piston position of the reversing valve 6 moves to the left to another working position, and the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers worktable starts to move to the right.

The internal grinder is mainly used for grinding cylindrical holes, conical holes, end faces, etc. it is mainly used for low density white alumina grinding large quantities of slender shafts and the outer circles of shafts, sleeves, pins and other parts without central holes. It is a high-efficiency and highly automatic grinder. The principle white fused alumina price is to place the workpiece on the supporting plate between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel. Relief valve 12 prevents excessive pressure.

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