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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 40 Grit Suppliers Malaysia

The addition of TiO2 can not only reduce the sintering temperature, but also increase the crystal size of white corundum, so as to produce large crystal corundum clinker, and make the volume of products stable under high temperature. But it will reduce the strength properties of the fused aluminium oxide products, and iron oxide may be mixed when the clinker is crushed. The important role of adding hbo3 is to promote the removal of alkali from alumina.

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If TiO2 is added, 1% and Fe2O3 is mixed, 1.25%, the pink alumina starting temperature of 0.2MPa load deformation will be reduced to 1730 ℃; if TiO2 is added, 2% and Fe2O3 is included, 0.5%, the starting deformation temperature will be reduced from 1900 ℃ to 1790 ℃. The sintered corundum clinker with ideal crystal shape, pink fused alumina grain size, less porosity and higher density was obtained by adding a small amount of MgO in the special refractory plant.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit suppliers malaysia)

In addition, ti will change the atomic value, thus changing the black silicon carbide factory refractory structure. When the refractory is fired and used in the atmosphere of oxidation-reduction change, it may loose and damage. Therefore, if TiO2 is added, it should be fired and used under reduction or vacuum conditions. Ti2O3 and the mixture of Ti2O3 and TiO2 can also be added without TiO2. Therefore, TiO2 should be pretreated by reduction heating and then added to black aluminum oxide blast media.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit suppliers malaysia)For alumina with high dispersion, 1% can be added to hbo3, while for white fused alumina with low dispersion, 2% can be added to hbo3. However, it is better not to add human additives, otherwise, it will reduce the starting temperature of load deformation of corundum products. It is better to use the method of raising the temperature to prepare the large crystal plate black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media clinker without any additives.

The crystal size of black fused alumina can reach 50-150um. The large crystalline corundum clinker calcined at about 1950 ℃ is called plate corundum, and the crystal of this kind of corundum is in sheet shape. High temperature calcined corundum clinker has strong chemical sentiment and slag resistance, because these clinker have high-purity corundum crystal and large crystal size. The aluminum oxide sandblasting media products made of these clinker also have good slag resistance.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit suppliers malaysia)High density white aluminum oxide clinker can not be obtained when sintering pure alumina clinker without modified additives, even when it is close to the melting temperature, because the crystal growth is too fast in the sintering stage, a large number of tiny bubbles are trapped from the grain boundary, leaving many closed pores inside the crystal. The corundum sand body was calcined at 1900 ℃ for a short time (8 hours in total and 3 hours in heat preservation).

In the production of chrome corundum products combined with mullite and corundum, the manufacturing process of the clinker is similar to that of the pure corundum clinker. However, Al2O3 content is relatively low, generally 91.5% ~ 96%. Corundum clinker with 10% clay is calcined at a temperature from 1330 ℃ to 1520 ℃, aluminium oxide 36 grit with a density from 1.75g/cm to 3.22g/cm and a porosity from 54.3% to 5.3%. Dense products can be obtained by using this clinker.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit suppliers malaysia)

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