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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 40 Grit Suppliers Thailand

In the brown fused aluminium oxide process of power supply and smelting, there may be abnormal phenomena such as furnace spraying, furnace wall leakage, furnace bottom salt leakage, furnace head electrode burning red, soft wire burning, bus burning red, cooling water circulation is not smooth, etc., brown aluminum oxide 250 grit which should be handled in time. There are two ways to determine the shutdown time.

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One is to shut down the brown fused alumina manufacturer furnace according to the total power supply, the other is to shut down the furnace according to the smelting time. According to the regulation, the furnace is shut down, and the furnace output is relatively stable, which is adopted by most domestic manufacturers. The normal furnace resistance is gradually reduced, so the secondary voltage should be gradually reduced and the white fused aluminium oxide working current should be gradually increased.

According to the white fused alumina suppliers specified smelting time, it is easy to arrange the operation. The disadvantage is that the electric quantity is not fixed and the furnace output fluctuates greatly. Cooling and grilling are carried out alternately, i.e. cooling for a while and grilling some. At this time, the white aluminum oxide abrasive temperature of the furnace is very high, the fluidity of the spent material is good, no caking, easy to pick down. The front and back two processes are dry grilling.

β - SiC is a cubic system similar to sphalerite. In addition, white corundum can form other crystallographic variants. Conventional nomenclature calls hexagonal and rhombohedral silicon carbide a-SiC; cubic silicon carbide is β - SiC. The type of SiC crystal structure is related to the formation temperature. Extending from high temperature furnace core, the distribution order of wholesale brown fused alumina crystal is 6h → 15R → 4h → 3C.

It is the residual SiO2 that eliminates or weakens the limitation of Mg on the crystal zone of white aluminum oxide. In the smelting of white corundum, the addition of quartz sand can eliminate or weaken the harm of sodium oxide, restrict the formation of Sodium Aluminate from Na2O, and make the formation of triclinite which consumes less Al2O3. In conclusion, brown fused alumina oxide impurities have different harmful effects on corundum melt.

However, white fused alumina manufacturer cooling and grilling shall be carried out after smelting. The technological process of cooling and grilling furnace includes: natural cooling without cooling water, so that the furnace temperature will drop naturally. Water cooling is to water the furnace, harm the workers' health, which can accelerate the cooling and shorten the cooling time. Grilling refers to the 100 grit aluminum oxide white process of removing the furnace wall and scraping the spent materials.

Generally, after 8 hours of natural cooling after white fused alumina power failure, dismantle the furnace wall and remove the insulation material on the furnace. When the furnace wall is disassembled and raked, the high-temperature waste material will fall down, burn violently in contact with the air, and a large amount of dust and flame will rise in the rolling smoke. Properly introducing another impurity can generate new minerals and brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers reduce the impact.

There is a large amount of dust in the low density white alumina dry process. The intermediate process of watering before raking can greatly reduce the amount of dust, improve the environment, and accelerate the cooling Speed, shorten the cooling time, but due to the low temperature and moisture content of the spent material, it is difficult to grill. The black dust will fall all around, white fused alumina price which will affect the environment, damage the plants and their growth.

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