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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 40 Grit Wholesale Brazil

Resin superhard abrasive tools are mostly formed by fused aluminium oxide hot pressing. Stir the molding material into the working layer, smooth it, tamp it, put the ring ring horn, and send it into the hot press for pre-pressing and hot pressing again. mold. The curing temperature of phenolic resin is generally (180 ± 5) ° C. When aluminium oxide 36 grit heating and curing, pay attention to the control of the heating rate.

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Transition forming black fused alumina material mold preparation one mold one spreading material → pre-pressing → working layer forming material feeding → pre-pressing one hot pressing one holding pressure one mold release half of the finished product hot press forming is using the heating system of the upper and lower platens of the hydraulic press, and Thermocouple temperature control, keep the temperature constant during black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media hot pressing.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit wholesale brazil)

The transition layer forming material is first put into the chrome corundum cavity, scraped and compacted, pre-compressed with a pressure ring, and then the pressure ring is put into the press for cold pressing, and then the pre-compressed body is taken out and the pre-compressed body is removed. Apply a layer of adhesive and put it in the mold. The mold body that has been molded and hot-pressed has not yet fully cured. The black aluminum oxide blast media hot press forming process is as follows.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit wholesale brazil)The brown fused alumina process principle is to make the resin melt and flow during the pressing process and gradually polycondensate and solidify or semi-solidify during the holding time to ensure the density, hardness and strength of the abrasive. It must undergo further heat treatment to allow the resin and curing agent to fully react to form a crosslinked network or body structure. Hardness and good grinding performance, mixing and shaping with corundum sand abrasives, and curing.

The curing mechanism is based on the plasticity of the phenolic resin, brown aluminum oxide which has meltability and unreacted active points in the structure. When it encounters the curing agent urotropine, it further generates a polycondensation reaction to form an insoluble network structure. The temperature can be increased freely below 100 ° C. After the temperature rises to 140 ° C, the aluminum oxide sandblasting media temperature rise should be slow and gradually reach about 180 ° C.(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit wholesale brazil)

The commonly used curing method is the one-time curing method. When the brown aluminium oxide grinding tool is held in the press, it is cured after heating for 30 to 40 minutes. There is also a secondary curing method, which is only preliminary for large and thick grinding tools on the press at one time. After heating and curing, it is placed in an electric oven for black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit secondary heating and curing. The secondary heating curing equipment is mainly an electric drying oven.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40 grit wholesale brazil)Rubber bonded abrasives are abbreviated as rubber abrasives, steel grid which are rubber products obtained by using natural rubber or synthetic rubber and compounding agents as a binding agent. This kind of product not only has the general grinding characteristics of abrasive tools, but also has the performance characteristics of rubber products. It is an indispensable abrasive tool in the grinding process, accounting for about 5% of the total pink fused alumina tool.

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