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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 80-90 Grit Price Thailand

Using hydrochloric acid pickling, acid mist will be generated during the etching process(black oxide aluminum). The electroplating process includes pre-plating pretreatment, electroplating, post-plating treatment and other stages, as follows: including chemical degreasing and water washing, ultrasonic degreasing(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound), electrical degreasing and water washing, acid neutralization and water washing and other processes process.

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The treatment methods and technical indicators used are quite different from those abroad, so foreign research results cannot be directly applied(brown fused alumina). Therefore, it is necessary to conduct in-depth and meticulous research on the decomposition process of sodium aluminate solution seed crystals in China in order to avoid the existing process conditions(glass beads supplier), it also increases the acid mist brought by the volatilization of hydrochloric acid.(cheap aluminum oxide 80-90 grit price thailand)

Under the premise of a large number of changes(brown aluminum oxide), the decomposition process of sodium aluminate solution is strengthened, the solution decomposition rate is improved, and aluminum hydroxide products with coarse particle size and good strength are obtained. Wu Jinshui believes that the activity of fine-grained seeds is large(glass beads manufacturers), and the addition of fine crystal seeds can increase the decomposition rate and reduce the seed ratio.

(cheap aluminum oxide 80-90 grit price thailand)Therefore, the coarse-grained A1(OH)3 with poor activity is selected as the product through the seed classification(brown aluminium oxide), and the fine-grained A1(OH)3 with high activity is retained in the series of decomposition tanks as the seed crystal, thereby reducing the dullness in the seed crystal The amount of coarse particles can accelerate the decomposition rate(garnet abrasive price), and increase the capacity of the decomposition tank.

The thickness of the zinc coating in this production line is generally 6~10um(silicon carbide price), shorten the decomposition time, which is adjusted slightly according to the device conditions and requirements. Chemical degreasing is a process that uses the saponification and emulsification of hot alkali solution to grease to remove oil from the surface of parts(glass bead abrasive). Pickling is divided into chemical etching and electrochemical etching.

The research results of the relationship between the adsorption of aluminum hydroxide to organic matter in sodium aluminate solution showed that the chemical degreasing liquid of the project was made by mixing the finished degreasing agent and tap water(green carborundum). The production line has a five-station pickling tank (that is, acid washing and water washing(steel shot abrasive), five workpieces can be pickled at the same time).(cheap aluminum oxide 80-90 grit price thailand)

The process of removing the oxide film, scale and rust products on the metal surface with acid is called pickling(silicon carbide companies). Under the action of the degreasing agent, the adhesion of the oil stain to the surface of the part gradually weakens, and under the combined action of hydrodynamic factors(white aluminium oxide powder), the oil stain gradually detaches from the surface of the metal part, and fine droplets are dispersed in the degreasing liquid. 

In the process of degreasing(arc fused alumina), the degreasing agent is first adsorbed on the interface between the oil and the solution, in which the lipophilic group has affinity with the oil on the surface of the part, and the hydrophilic group has affinity with the degreasing aqueous solution. The chemical degreasing tank used in this process is a seven-station tank(aluminium oxide material for blasting), that is, seven workpieces can be degreased simultaneously. 

(cheap aluminum oxide 80-90 grit price thailand)Commonly used etching agents are sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, etc(fused alumina). The operating temperature is room temperature, and heating is not required because the temperature is too high. High, in addition to the accelerated dissolution of the matrix metal and hydrogen permeation(brown aluminum oxide sand). After one chemical degreasing, it enters two water washing tanks for countercurrent rinsing.

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