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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 80 90 Grit Suppliers Switzerland

Assuming that the rated loss guarantee value of a rectifier cabinet is less than or equal to 70kw(aluminum oxide abrasive), the current sharing coefficient between components is 0.9; if the current sharing coefficient is reduced to 0.78, the loss is reduced by 1 percentage point(white alumina grit), and the loss is increased by 1 percentage point to estimate the loss increase, greatly reducing the reactive power loss. 

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Therefore, improving the current sharing coefficient of each bridge arm of the rectifier cabinet is an effective method to reduce the system loss(garnet suppliers). Adopting high voltage variable frequency speed regulation technology to reduce the auxiliary power consumption has become one of the current energy-saving technical measures in aluminum electrolysis plants(aluminum oxide sandblast media). The power factor of these high voltage motors is about 0.75.

(cheap aluminum oxide 80 90 grit suppliers switzerland)For example, adjust the number of cooling system fans in time according to the temperature(aluminum oxide grit); a large number of 10kv High-voltage Motors are used in electrolytic aluminum enterprises, which are important power equipment of electrolytic aluminum enterprises(aluminium oxide for blasting). For example, installing air conditioner in the rectifier cabinet room and water cooling on the rectifier transformer have achieved obvious results.

At present, the minimum configuration of a series of electrolytic aluminum high-voltage motors is more than 8000kw(silicon carbide abrasive). The inverter power factor is large, the motor runs at different speeds, generally long-term operation at 45Hz, reduce the output power, in order to reduce all kinds of line loss and transformer loss(steel shot abrasive), the operating current becomes small, energy saving, energy saving rate of 20% ~ 30%.(cheap aluminum oxide 80 90 grit suppliers switzerland)

Extend the service life and reduce the cost of equipment operation and maintenance(synthetic corundum). The ability of adjustment and automatic input is enhanced, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of maintenance personnel, reduces maintenance time and workload, saves operation and maintenance costs, and improves economic benefits(aluminum oxide 20 grit). The normal power factor of rectifier system in aluminum electrolysis enterprise is about 0.88.

(cheap aluminum oxide 80 90 grit suppliers switzerland)The control mode shall have two control modes: manual control and automatic control(green silicon carbide); remote control by dispatching centers at all levels; remote control by centralized control center. All circuit breakers, electric disconnectors, which can make the power factor above 0.98 under the condition of using compensation device(white corundum sand), equipment related to control operation and various auxiliary equipment in the whole station.

Through the practical application(emery abrasive), it is concluded that the transformation of high and medium voltage motor frequency conversion speed regulation is one of the effective ways to save energy and reduce consumption in electrolytic aluminum plant(600 grit aluminum oxide powder), and the frequency conversion speed regulation technology should be vigorously promoted to accelerate the development of enterprise modernization.

(cheap aluminum oxide 80 90 grit suppliers switzerland)Therefore, in order to reduce the mechanical vibration and wear(black silicon carbide), improve the stability of equipment operation, reduce the failure rate of equipment operation, and improve the reliability of equipment operation, electrolytic aluminum enterprises are equipped with reactive power compensation device(garnet sand), and the reactive current of rectifier system is reduced by about 10% of the total current Right.

With the continuous increase of single series production capacity of aluminum electrolysis(garnet abrasive), the standard production capacity of aluminum electrolysis is about 250000 tons, filter compensation device, and the power load of its aluminum electrolysis enterprise is also increasing(white aluminum oxide sand). To make every employee realize the importance of saving electricity, tap changer of transformer, consciously save every degree of electricity.

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