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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Blasting Grit Saudi Arabia

This is very important to improve the life characteristics of the product and reduce the attached current(fused alumina), and it can also remove products with poor high temperature resistance as soon as possible. Pulse voltage is often carried out in a long pulse period and long charging time, and its aging efficiency is high and the effect is good(steel grid). The internal control indicators vary due to the stability and technical level of various products.

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Pulse aging is performed with pulse voltages of different pulse cycles(silicon carbide price), and the leakage current decreases with the aging time. In the figure, T represents the pulse cycle, and T represents different pulse cycles. The room temperature aging is generally 1 to 3 hours, and the high temperature aging is 1 to 4 hours(black aluminum oxide media). The internal control indicators for current adjustment must be strict and the leakage current recovery must be considered. 

(cheap aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit saudi arabia)Adjust the "constant voltage" and "constant current" of the sophisticated power supply to the specified values, and switch K to the 1 position(arc fused alumina). The product is aging under the specified constant current (that is, the maximum limit current), and the aging voltage will automatically increase(glass bead blasting media suppliers). When the voltage rises to the U value, the constant voltage starts. R is the discharge resistance, which is 100~5002 high power resistance.

The mechanism by which the pulse aging of Jian song reduces the efficiency of leakage current is still being explored(white aluminum oxide). Some people think that when the pulse aging is used, the gas generated at the anode point is easier to be discharged from the micropores, so that the electrolyte is easier to penetrate At the defect(aluminum oxide blasting media), the oxide film can be further repaired after recharging, resulting in a gradual decrease in leakage current.(cheap aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit saudi arabia)

If the leakage current of the product is too large after aging, it must be aging again(silicon carbide companies). At this time, the current will gradually drop. This is because the oxide film insulation resistance increases and the current gradually decreases during the repair process of the oxide film(garnet suppliers). When the aging is completed or the defective product is eliminated in the middle of the aging When, K must be placed in the 2 position to discharge.

(cheap aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit saudi arabia)The function of the protective resistance R is(white corundum): in case a product is short-circuited, the instantaneous current is very large, and almost all the voltage drops on the protective resistance R, thereby protecting the experienced power supply from damage, and at the same time protecting the product being experienced Instant current impact, otherwise the product will bulge(glass beads supplier). In the figure, K is a two-way switch, it is discharge.

R is a protective resistor, and a high-power wire-wound resistor of 500~1000Ω(green carborundum). If necessary, large aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be aged at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours in the open state (unassembled), which is the so-called "opened aging". The gas generated during the aging process is removed in advance, and then the assembly and experienced(garnet abrasive). Of course, it is not necessary to "speak up and practice".(cheap aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit saudi arabia)

Sorting is to carry out 100% testing on C, tgd, hc electrical performance indicators of the finished products, and classify good products and bad products(white fused alumina). The sorting is carried out according to the internal control indicators of the three parameters of the product, C, tg5, and hc. When set to position 1, it is sophisticated, and when set to position 2(black oxide aluminum). The sophisticated device of the electrolytic capacitor is shown in the figure.

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