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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Media Manufacturer

Material is the material basis of human development and one of the main manifestations of social progress(brown fused alumina). Cemented carbide is a kind of composite material which is made of hard phase of refractory metal and bonding metal by powder metallurgy process(synthetic corundum). It is widely used in modern manufacturing industry for its excellent performance. It is called "industrial tooth" and originated in 1920s. 

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With the economic globalization and the progress of science and technology, the use of cemented carbide products is more and more demanding(brown aluminum oxide). The technology development of cemented carbide industry is also very rapid, especially for cemented carbide tool(aluminum oxide grit). The latest carbide machining tool for hole clamping adopts the mixed high cobalt (13%) ultrafine grain size matrix with the hard phase grains of 0.2 + 0.5 + 0.8 μ m respectively, which greatly improves the strength and hardness of the tool matrix material.

(cheap aluminum oxide abrasive media manufacturer)The structure and clamping mode of the machine clamping blade with the strength close to that of the integral drill bit(white corundum), the original drill point design and high-performance titanium nitride and titanium aluminide nanomaterials are also used The coating shows excellent cutting performance(arc fused alumina). The gradient cemented carbide matrix with ultra-fine grains is used, and titanium nitride intermediate temperature chemical coating and fine-grained columnar a-Al2O3 chemical coating are used.

The surface is treated by the post-treatment process of eliminating the surface stress(silicon carbide abrasive), that is to say, the surface of the tensile stress of the CVD coating on the front cutting surface is removed by shot peening, so that the tensile stress of the Al2O3 exposed on the surface and the stress of the inner coating are reduced by 40% and 20%(garnet suppliers), which significantly improves the blade's performance.(cheap aluminum oxide abrasive media manufacturer)

The anti micro chipping performance and anti peeling ability not only improve the integrity and reliability of the blade(green carborundum), but also improve the surface finish of the coating, and reduce the adhesion between the blade and chips. The addition of a small amount of elements to the cemented carbide can strengthen the cemented and bonded phases(emery abrasive), purify the grain boundaries and significantly improve the bending strength and impact toughness of the material.(cheap aluminum oxide abrasive media manufacturer)

Ultrafine Grain Cemented Carbide and nanostructured coating become the main trend(silicon carbide companies). At present, cemented carbide tool technology is developing in two opposite directions. On the one hand, the application of general-purpose materials is more and more extensive, and the versatility is more and more strong(aluminum oxide grit). On the other hand, special materials are more and more targeted(glass bead blasting media suppliers), more suitable for the processed materials and cutting conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of improving cutting efficiency.

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