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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Anti-slip Grit Factory Italy

The above conclusions are obtained under low-impact, low-stress abrasive wear conditions(carborundum grit). Because of the fast cooling during casting, the precipitation of carbides is limited, and it will not cause carbides like thick-walled large parts. The phosphorus eutectic can be melted only under the heat treatment temperature(aluminum oxide powder). It is very easy to produce thermal embrittlement. From the figure, the crack eventually leads to the fracture of the workpiece.

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An increase in silicon content will reduce the stability of austenite and promote work hardening, but this does not reflect the material Performance under high-impact(carborundum abrasives), high-stress abrasive wear conditions, and studies have shown that increasing the content of silicon in manganese steel is detrimental to improving wear resistance, but the study does not give wear conditions(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers). As a result, cracks are generated between the grain boundaries and dendrites.(cheap aluminum oxide anti-slip grit factory italy)

In the smelting of steel, for small and medium-sized parts that work under low stress, especially thin-walled parts(100 grit aluminum oxide white), the silicon content can be on the upper limit. Coarse or excessive precipitation, so the carbide can be solid-dissolved based on the normal solution treatment process of w(Si) at about 0.5%, which not only ensures the deoxidation of high manganese steel, but also helps improve the wear resistance under low stress(aluminum oxide polishing powder). Phosphorus is a harmful element in high manganese steel.

(cheap aluminum oxide anti-slip grit factory italy)As the phosphorus content decreases, the consumption of excavator teeth decreases and the wear resistance of high manganese steel increases(brown fused alumina). It is more difficult to reduce the phosphorus content in high manganese steel, because the phosphorus content of ferromanganese used for smelting is relatively high(white grain aluminum oxide a 220), and the uw(P) can reach 0.3% to 0.4% or even higher(white alumina grit), although the oxidation method is used in the electric arc furnace.

For example, the production of high-manganese steel parts with low-phosphorus ferromanganese in foreign trials can reduce cracks by 2 to 3 times(black aluminum oxide blast media). Phosphorus reduction in smelting can be solved by injection smelting. For steel, the w(P) in the scrap can be reduced to 0.02%~0.03%, but due to the addition of ferromanganese during the reduction period(white corundum powder), plus the residual phosphorus in the scrap, the actual w(P) in the steel is 0.1% the above.

For example, the following materials can be used for injection smelting to dephosphorize(brown aluminum oxide): the injection smelting method can also promote the deoxidation and desulfurization reactions in the molten steel and reduce the molten steel The amount of gas in the gas, thereby increasing the density of the metal. Phosphorus has very low solubility in austenite and is easy to segregate to form phosphorus eutectic(brown fused alumina for abrasive). The reason may be that silicon is a ferrite element.(cheap aluminum oxide anti-slip grit factory italy)

Reducing the phosphorus content should start with improving the quality of raw materials(white corundum manufacturers). The melting point of binary phosphorus eutectic (Fe+FaP) is 1005℃, and the melting point of ternary phosphorus eutectic (Fe+FeaC+FeeP) is only 950℃. Due to the low melting point of the phosphorus eutectic(aluminum oxide sandblast media), it is distributed between the dendrites and the primary crystal grain boundaries during the solidification and cooling shrinkage of the product.

(cheap aluminum oxide anti-slip grit factory italy)The influence of phosphorus on the wear resistance of high manganese steel should also be considered comprehensively with the role of carbon(brown aluminium oxide). Carbon can reduce the solubility of phosphorus in austenite and increase the segregation of phosphorus. Therefore, under the premise of a certain carbon content, reduce phosphorus as much as possible(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). The content has an obvious effect on improving the density resistance of high manganese steel.

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