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Corundum castable has good stability and wetting angle with molten steel(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), but its slag resistance and thermal shock resistance are not ideal, while spinel material has good slag corrosion resistance. There are a large number of non directional, irregular distribution and different sizes of through pores(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The gas passes through the pores to achieve the effect of argon blowing. So the thermal shock stability is improved.

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In the plate-like corundum crystal structure, there are many pores with pore diameter of several or even more than ten microns(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). The effects of spinel size on the flexural strength, thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance of high purity corundum spinel castables were studied by Han Bin and Wang Huixian(400 grit aluminum oxide powder). Due to the advantages of time saving, labor saving and energy saving, amorphous refractories are widely used in thermal and metallurgical fields. 

(cheap aluminum oxide anti-slip grit manufacturers usa)The results show that the corrosion resistance mechanism of corundum spinel permeable brick is(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit): FeO in slag reacts with MgO alumina spinel to form solid solution, while Cao and Al2O3 react to form CaO-Al2O3 with high melting point (melting point 1700 ℃). Based on the formation of these reactions, the composition of flow is changed and the viscosity of slag is increased(brown fused alumina oxide), thus further inhibiting the slag Infiltrate into the castable.

The sintered corundum with complete shrinkage has coarse and well-developed a-Al2O3 crystal structure(aluminium oxide sandblasting). The working face and the other surface (lower temperature, less than 500 ℃) also have a large temperature gradient. Due to the repeated use of the air permeable brick, each service cycle is a rapid cooling and heating process(synthetic corundum price), especially the thermal stress near the air outlet is greater, which makes the air permeable brick prone to crack.(cheap aluminum oxide anti-slip grit manufacturers usa)

Its porosity is approximately the same as that of fused corundum, with high purity, good volume stability, and very small re sintering shrinkage(aluminum oxide abrasive media). The corrosion behavior of corundum spinel castables with different basicity was further studied, and the mechanism of slag penetration resistance of alumina spinel castables was studied by bin nagall et al(fine grit aluminum oxide), and the erosion depth of the slag can be very small, and a small amount of β - Al2O3 exists in the crystal.

(cheap aluminum oxide anti-slip grit manufacturers usa)With the development of high temperature technology, higher requirements are put forward for the performance of refractories(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). A large number of studies show that adding 10% ~ 30% spinel to corundum spinel castable can greatly improve the slag resistance and permeability of the permeable brick(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). After high temperature treatment, sintered corundum has good properties Good thermal shock stability and bending strength.

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