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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Blast Media 60 Grit Indonesia

In this article, we describe the improved brown aluminium oxide production process and its advantages: aluminum ash is the product of cooled processing of slag produced in electrolytic aluminum or cast aluminum production process. The components are metal aluminum, alumina, silica, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, and the like. Because aluminum ash contains alumina, it can be used instead of bauxite to prepare brown corundum.

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At the same time, there are related papers and patent publications in the prior art. However, due to the impurities, especially silicon carbide price and iron oxide, it is necessary to use a large amount of iron filings and carbon particles to remove these two impurities, resulting in the final production of fused alumina has a higher content of carbon, silicon, and iron, and a lower content of alumina, which leads to poorer product strength, hardness, and wear resistance.

(cheap aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit indonesia)The speed of the water flow during rinsing is 3-6m / min. In order to solve the green carborundum problem of poor performance caused by high content of impurities and low content of alumina in brown corundum produced by using aluminum ash in the prior art, because aluminum ash itself contains free carbon, this part of free carbon does not have a reducing effect during the smelting process. Still in the form of free carbon in synthetic corundum

Under high temperature environment, this part of free carbon is oxidized into gas and discharged, making the brown fused alumina refractory material blister, which greatly reduces the high temperature resistance and service life. We have improved the processing technology for producing aluminum ash for emery abrasive. The aluminum ash treated by the improved method has reduced the content of impurities and increased the content of alumina.(cheap aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit indonesia)

Consumption, save energy, and increase the content of silicon carbide companies in the finished product, reduce the content of silicon, iron and carbon, and improve the wear resistance, strength and high temperature resistance of the product. The improved treatment process for producing aluminum ash for white aluminum oxide abrasive includes the following steps: 1 part of aluminum ash with a fineness of 150 mesh or less is placed in 2-5 parts of hot water at 90-100 ° C. 

(cheap aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit indonesia)Using this aluminum ash to produce brown aluminum oxide not only reduces raw materials. according to the weight ratio and quickly transferred to Place in a container that communicates with the outside world for 6-10 hours, and reserve; drain the water in the container, and add 90-100 ℃ hot water equal to the white fused aluminium oxide amount of discharged water to soak for 2-14h, keep the water temperature at 90-100 ℃ during soaking, and reserve.

(3) After separating the arc fused alumina in step (2), rinse it with water, then use a vacuum filter to filter and dry the obtained aluminum ash to complete the treatment of the aluminum ash. Note: Keep stirring during hot water soaking in step (2) to ensure that aluminum ash does not deposit in hot water. The pink fused alumina filtered by the vacuum filter is dried under the condition of 80-110 ° C to a moisture content of less than 20%.(cheap aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit indonesia)

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