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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Manufacturers USA

The main purpose of adding fillers in mold materials is to reduce shrinkage(aluminum oxide grit), prevent surface deformation and surface depression, and improve surface quality and dimensional accuracy of investment mold. According to the use and characteristics, the commercial series of mold materials can be divided into pattern (model) wax, runner wax, bonding wax, repair wax, dip seal wax(white aluminium oxide powder), water-soluble wax, sample wax, etc.

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In order to further improve the performance of rosin based die material and adapt to the preparation of investment mold with high requirements of dimensional accuracy and surface quality(aluminum oxide abrasive), modified rosin with high softening point was used to replace rosin, and EVA was used to replace polyethylene, paraffin and lignite wax instead of Sichuan wax(synthetic corundum). No matter solid, liquid or gas materials may be used as filling materials.

(cheap aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers usa)It has lower performance requirements(white fused alumina), lower melting point than pattern wax, and has better fluidity, so as to reduce the possibility of small shell being expanded and cracked; which requires higher viscosity in liquid state and higher bonding strength after solidification. The repair wax should be soft and plastic, and easy to repair surface holes and other defects(alumina polishing powder). Runner wax is a kind of wax used to make gating system.

The pattern wax is the main wax used to make investment mold(white aluminum oxide). Therefore, the performance index of the wax is required to be higher. The water-soluble wax has high hardness and strength, so that the wax in runner will melt and flow out first during dewaxing, is not easy to deform and is easy to dissolve in water(emery abrasive). It is used to manufacture water-soluble core and water-soluble model with high performance requirements.(cheap aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers usa)

In order to meet the requirements of precision and complex investment casting on the quality and performance of the mold material(white corundum), bonding wax is used for combination module, the filling material or filling mold material is added into the mold material to become the filling mold material(garnet abrasive). In investment casting, the modified rosin based mold material can be used to produce castings with high quality requirements.

(cheap aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers usa)At home and abroad(silicon carbide abrasive), a series of commercial mold materials (also a kind of resin based mold materials) have been developed and produced by professional mold material factories to provide series of mold materials with stable performance. The solid powder filler mainly includes polyethylene(garnet suppliers), polystyrene, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl chloride, synthetic resin, polyethylene glycol, rubber, urea powder, carbon black, etc.

The common wax based and resin based mold materials are the solid solution formed by the melting of the raw materials of the mold materials(green silicon carbide). The impregnation sealing wax is mainly used for the impregnation sealing of the weld seam and gap after the gate welding. The wax material has low melting point and requires good wettability(steel grid). In the actual production, the most commonly used solid filler is solid powder as filler.(cheap aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers usa)

The characteristics of the solid fillers are that the fillers themselves will not melt at the working temperature(black silicon carbide), but become fine solid particles in the mold materials, which can absorb the latent heat released by the mold materials during solidification and act as aggregates, so as to improve the cooling rate of the mold materials(glass bead blasting media suppliers), reduce the shrinkage and increase the shrinkage The thermal stability and strength of the die.

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