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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers Belarus

Among oxide-bonded silicon carbide crystals, fine-earth bond is the most common, and it is also the most produced in quantity(high purity fused aluminum oxide). Depending on the application of the product, the mix ratio of SiC and clay fluctuates greatly. In general, as the amount of bonded clay increases, the fire resistance of the product deteriorates significantly(60 grit aluminum oxide). When the combined clay content is more than 65%, good thermal conductivity, the superiority of SiC cannot be manifested.

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In addition, they can be used in space technology as rocket nozzles and high-temperature gas turbine blades(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). This performance can be measured by the heat resistance index. In order to make the product have the characteristics of SiC itself, it usually contains 85% to 90% SiC(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Changing the process factors such as the amount of SiC and clay of the billet, the particle composition of SiC and the firing temperature will significantly affect the performance of the product.

Silicon carbide products are repeatedly heated in the oxidizing medium without foaming into slag(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). Silicon carbide products containing 10% bound clay have a heat resistance of 1300 ° C, but the limit temperature for proper use should be lower than its heat resistance of 50 ~ 100C(150 grit aluminum oxide). Due to the different types and amounts of combined clay, the properties of the product will change greatly. Add a certain amount of quartz powder (such as silica, quartz sand) to the ingredients.

As the amount of clay increases(aluminum oxide 40 grit), the oxidation resistance of the product increases, but other properties (fire resistance, thermal shock resistance, load deformation temperature, thermal conductivity, etc.) decrease. Too much clay content, which causes large shrinkage around the silicon carbide particles, causes fine cracks in the structure to expand, resulting in improved permeability of the product(fine grit aluminum oxide). The amount of silicon carbide added is usually 50% to 90%.

The bonding clay should have high binding property(white fused alumina), large plasticity and good sintering performance, and its fire resistance should be high-some, and the mechanical strength after firing S1 particles should be large. Silicon carbide raw materials use different coarse and fine crystalline particles(80 grit aluminum oxide). Coarse, medium, and fine particles should have appropriate proportions, and the amount of fine powder is not easy to be excessive, otherwise it is easy to be oxidized.

In the absence of mineral additives, the silicon carbide particles are combined by means of a SiO2 film formed by the contact surface oxidation of the silicon carbide particles during firing, so it should be used as little as possible when mixing(white aluminum oxide). SisN has a small linear expansion coefficient, very slow oxidation rate, high temperature strength, stable volume, stability to various chemical substances(220 grit aluminum oxide), and will not be attacked by molten nonferrous metals (Al, Pb, Sn, Zn).

As a result, the properties of silicon carbide products made using this SiN as a binder have been significantly improved(white corundum). This material has high oxidation resistance and no significant swelling, but the cost of its product is higher. Silicon carbide products using silicon nitride as a binder are bad bodies formed from a mixture of fine powdered silicon (Si) and SiC(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), which are prepared by heating in electric milk in a nitrogen atmosphere at 1300 to 1350 ° C.

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