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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Blasting Grit Suppliers Mexico

In a-Al2O3 crystal structure, the whole crystal can be regarded as a coplanar combination of numerous [alo] octahedrons(white corundum). The bond force between the positive and negative ions of a1o is very strong, and the lattice energy is 16.743 × 10kj · mor. Therefore, the a-Al2O3 material is characterized by high melting point (2050 ℃), high hardness (Mohs 9), compact structure(black aluminum oxide media), high mechanical strength and high wear resistance.

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Therefore, it is widely used in refractories, wear-resistant materials and other fields(glass beads manufacturers). After the large-scale industrial production of artificial corundum, there are many kinds of corundum abrasives. The manufacturing process developed from high temperature melting to low temperature sintering, and the grain size developed from melting single crystal to microcrystalline(pink alumina). 6MPa when the molten liquid flows out, which makes it a hollow ball abrasive.

Since the first successful development of artificial corundum abrasive at the end of the 19th century, it has made rapid development and wide application in the 20th century(garnet abrasive price). Because of its good mechanical properties and high temperature grinding stability, and its processing objects have a wide range, such as processing steel workpiece suitable for corundum abrasive(pink aluminium oxide), diamond and silicon carbide abrasive and steel in high temperature reaction and lost processing performance.

Corundum abrasives are also stable when processed in alkaline or neutral media(white fused alumina). The main differences of various products are the content of alumina, the types of impurities, the crystal size caused by the cooling speed of molten corundum and the manufacturing process. Table 1-4 lists the development history of artificial corundum abrasives(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). The general development trend of artificial corundum abrasives can be summed up in two aspects(such as rubber, plastic, etc.).

The mixed sintered corundum abrasives are made of bauxite and alumina powder as raw materials, melted by electric arc furnace(glass bead abrasive), which are proportioned according to the ratio of bauxite: alumina powder = 1:2.3, and are processed by mixing, molding and sintering processes. The technology is similar to sintered corundum abrasive(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit). The difference is that some additional oxide additives are added. For example, 3-4% MnO2, TiO2, Fe2O3 or MgO are added.

The hollow ball corundum abrasive is made of alumina powder, and blown by high pressure air of 0.5 ~ 0(white aluminum oxide). The particle size is 0.5-5.5mm, the density is 3.94g/cm3, the Al2O3 content is 98.3-99.3%, and the main impurities are Fe2O3 and SiO2. The production and application of this kind of abrasive is considered to be a great technological achievement in the field of grinding in the world(silicon carbide grit), and has become an indispensable industrial product in the national economy.

It is used for manufacturing porous abrasive tools, for grinding materials that are easy to block abrasive tools(steel shot abrasive); it can process heat-treated workpieces and hardened workpieces without damaging the effect of heat treatment. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the dressing amount of grinding wheel and prolong the service life of grinding wheel(carborundum abrasives). Ceramic corundum abrasives have the advantages of high purity, less impurities, controllable preparation process and low sintering temperature.

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