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There is material transmission during the sintering of ceramic materials, and there must be energy to promote the material transmission(brown fused alumina). Thermal energy is the main energy source in the sintering process. At the same time, the energy gradient due to particle contact and surface tension is also the source of energy(white aluminium oxide super fine). The main sintering mechanisms are gas phase sintering, solid phase sintering, and liquid phase sintering.

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The driving force for gas-phase sintering is the vapor pressure difference, which is caused by the difference in surface curvature(brown aluminum oxide). Where AP is the difference between the saturated vapor pressure of the plane and the curved surface, P is the saturated vapor pressure of the plane, and r is the radius of curvature of the curved surface(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). Due to the difference in surface curvature between the particles, the vapor pressure of each part is different.

The convex surface of the particle surface has a positive radius of curvature(brown aluminium oxide), which has a higher vapor pressure than the concave surface of the negative radius of curvature, causing the material to migrate from the high vapor pressure surface to the low vapor pressure surface. The gas phase mass transfer mechanism is an evaporative condensation mechanism(aluminum oxide blasting media). The Gibbs-Kelvin equation is as follows: AP = By2 / kTr.

The substance evaporates from the convex surface with a higher vapor pressure and condenses on the curved surface with a lower vapor pressure through mass transfer in the gas phase(garnet abrasive). Change the shape of the particles and pores, so that the adjacent particles reach sintering, resulting in densification of the green body(brown aluminum oxide factory). The smaller the particles, the greater the surface curvature and the greater the driving force for vapor transmission.

The theory of solid phase sintering was first proposed by Kuczynsk in 1949(garnet suppliers). The driving force of solid phase sintering is the free energy or chemical potential difference between the particle free surface and the adjacent particle interface. Since the atmospheric pressure sintering is carried out without an external driving force, it is very difficult to obtain a sintered body with a density close to the theoretical density(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). This increases the contact area between the particles.

Therefore, it is very important to control the particle size and sintering temperature(glass bead blasting media suppliers). For the sintering shrinkage of the device phase sintering mechanism, Kingery / has introduced the following formula: AL / L = (20mD * / kT × 29) 25p * 9423 where ALL is the sintering rate, d is the atomic volume of the diffusion vacancy, and y is the surface energy(black silicon carbide manufacturers), D is the diffusion coefficient, T sintering temperature, r particle radius.

Surface diffusion does not cause shrinkage, in vivo diffusion (along grain boundaries or dislocations) causes shrinkage and promotes densification(steel grid). The finer the particles, the higher the sintering rate: when the grain boundary diffusion increases, the sintering rate will increase(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). One is that the presence of the liquid phase can better rearrange the particles and obtain a tightly packed structure, interface or body of the material. 

The liquid phase existing in the interstitial channels of the particles leads to capillary pore pressure, which contributes to the densification of sintering through the following mechanism(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). During the sintering process, the material is transported by diffusion, that is, the atoms or vacancies in the material are carried along the surface(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). From the above formula, it can be concluded that the winding rate is inversely proportional to the particle size.

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