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In this case, if the growth rate is appropriately increased(green carborundum), the internal defects generated by the growth of the product body increase, and the interface is limited by the undercooling degree and the interference of the eutectic austenite, and the graphite branches frequently(black aluminum oxide media). Therefore, this cellular interface will grow between the austenite dendrites, and eventually form D-type graphite-austenite eutectic.

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Although graphite is still A-type, it is significantly refined and the growth direction deviates from the direction of heat flow(black oxide aluminum). The latent heat of crystallization released by the fine A-type graphite increases the temperature of the surrounding liquid phase, reduces the supercooling, and slows down the growth of graphite(aluminum oxide blasting media), and the normal A-type stone problem occurs again. The result of the process.(cheap aluminum oxide blasting media factory germany)

The growth rate is further increased, and round (cell-shaped) protrusions appear on the macroscopic interface(silicon carbide price), and primary austenite dendrites are formed at the front of the interface. This is because when the degree of undercooling is further increased, the composition of the eutectic structure shifts to the high carbon side(glass bead abrasive), and the carbon concentration of the melt at the front of the interface decreases, which promotes the growth of austenite dendrites.

Significant changes in the morphology of the interface when the growth rate is increased(fused alumina): cellular protrusions are more prominent; cellular crystal grains overlap near the interface. This is the eutectic growth changed from pure exogenous growth (the solid phase grows up completely through the interface) to exogenous growth and endogenous growth (the product body independently nucleates and grows in the melt before the solidification interface)(garnet abrasive price).

(cheap aluminum oxide blasting media factory germany)When the endogenous eutectic grains meet the advancing cellular growth interface, they fall into the interface, but they are not completely integrated, showing some bonding marks(white aluminum oxide). The morphology of graphite changed from type A to type B, then to type D; the endogenous eutectic structure was precipitated in the liquid phase before the running growth interface(corundum sand). Two eutectic clusters can be distinguished on the crystal bonding surface.

To sum up, due to the interference of austenite dendrites during the growth of endogenous grains and the disturbance of the exogenous interface(arc fused alumina), the size and shape of the endogenous grains trapped at the interface are also significantly different. The liquid-solid interface formed by the combination of endogenous crystal grains and exogenous interface has a cellular dendritic morphology(steel shot abrasive), which is often called a dendritic interface.(cheap aluminum oxide blasting media factory germany)

The structure produced by the dendritic interface is composed of primary austenite dendrites, graphite eutectic and possible intergranular structure(white fused alumina). First, graphite nucleates near austenite dendrites in the melt, and then starts eutectic growth to form fine grains mainly composed of flake graphite eutectic(glass beads manufacturers). In this way, the graphite of the eutectic cluster is fine and the outer graphite is coarse, forming a B-type graphite eutectic cluster.

Inside the endogenous crystal is a small flake graphite eutectic, and the exogenous crystal is a D-type graphite eutectic(silicon carbide companies). When the interface grows at a high speed, the solute cannot diffuse in time, resulting in solute enrichment and causing the component to be too cold(glass beads supplier). The unidirectional solidification device can control the growth rate, the temperature gradient of the interface front (G1), and the chemical composition to independently change.

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