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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Suppliers Belarus

For furnace village Mg-C bricks, the use of high-purity graphite with C≥95% ~ 96% is the most effective way to improve the durability of Mg-C bricks(glass bead abrasive). When using high-purity graphite, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of liquid phase generated in the brick(green silicon carbide powder). Less, oxygen easily penetrates into the brick to cause oxidative decarburization of graphite, and the brick has poor oxidation resistance, thereby suppressing oxidation. 

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In the presence of high pressure forming equipment, the critical particles of magnesia tend to be finer(steel shot abrasive). At present, the pressure of China's molding equipment is low. In order to increase the bulk density, the critical particle size used by many manufacturers is above 5mm(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Magnesia-carbon brick with BN has improved oxidation resistance and wear resistance. The brick is densified, thereby improving the oxidation resistance of the product. 

The ash composition of various scale graphite in China is mainly SiO2, Al2O3, and Fe2O3(brown fused alumina). To this end, it is necessary to add antioxidants, such as metals Al, Si, Al-Si, Al-Mg alloy, SiC, 13N, etc., they can preferentially react with oxygen to form carbides or oxides, and volume expansion occurs, blocking or filling pores(black silicon carbide powder). The mechanism of inhibiting carbon oxidation when Al is added to magnesia-carbon bricks is believed to be that Al reduces Co (g) to C (s), and generates Al2O3 and C (s).

Refinement of aggregate particles reduces the porosity of the opening, which helps to improve the oxidation resistance of the product(brown aluminum oxide). However, the smaller the diameter of the aggregate, the closed-ended pores will increase, and the bulk density will decrease, which will cause difficulties in molding(carborundum abrasives). The production process of magnesia carbon brick mainly includes three main processes: mud preparation, billet forming, and drying hardening.

The proportion of the three in the relative content of ash fluctuates between 82.9% and 88%, of which SiO2 accounts for 33% of ash. % ~ 59%(brown aluminium oxide). For example, the mCaO / mSiO2 ratio of seawater magnesia (MgO content> 98%) produced by refractory production plants such as Japan is generally above 3(aluminum oxide blasting media). The main graphite in various parts of China is generally that when the particle size is larger than 0.125mm, the curve of oxidation resistance is smooth.

If the graphite purity is 88%, the graphite manning amount is 16%, and the SiO2 content in the ash is about 50%, the SiO2 brought in can reach 1.0%(glass beads manufacturers). A large number of Si belts will inevitably change the CaO / SiO2 ratio of high purity magnesia The high refractory phase CaS or CGS in magnesia is transformed into low melting point CMS and CMS2, thereby reducing the high temperature performance and high temperature strength of the product(silicon carbide abrasive grit).

For various flake graphites, when the graphite particle size is less than a certain value, the curvature of the curve of the oxidation resistance of right ink varies greatly with the change of graphite particle size(garnet abrasive price); when the particle size of graphite is greater than a certain value, the oxidation resistance curve The curvature becomes smooth(carborundum grit). Therefore, coarse-grained flake graphite larger than 0.125mum should be selected for the production of magnesium carbon brick.

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