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Therefore, the damage of the magnesium brick furnace village was mainly thermal spalling, followed by melting loss(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Magnesia dolomite brick has suitable MgO and Ca components, and its damage is between that of dolomite brick and magnesium brick(low density white alumina). When the decarburization layer is thick, the slag will increase the metamorphic layer after immersion, which will easily cause the structure to peel off.

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When the slag penetrates into the brick, the CaO around the magnesite dolomite particles will react with it to increase the viscosity of the slag(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Because the brick contains more flaky graphite, a dense layer is most easily formed under the conditions of oxygen converter steelmaking(white fused alumina oxide mfg). The furnace linings in the trunnion area, slag line area, charging side and tapping side are most likely to be damaged.

The damage of the magnesia-carbon brick lining is mainly caused by oxidation-melting. In addition to gaseous and potent oxidation, MgO reacts with carbon to form a dense MgO layer(white fused alumina). At the same time, the surface of the magnesium-carbon brick lining is covered with slag, and in a reducing atmosphere, the oxidative damage is extremely slow, mainly due to melting and causing lining damage(brown fused alumina oxide).

In the early stage of oxygen converter steelmaking production, the same brick types are usually used in all parts of the furnace lining, and their thickness is also basically the same(white aluminum oxide). Later, according to the production practices of various countries(wholesale brown fused alumina), Violent decarburization reactions will occur, it was found that the degree of damage to the furnace lining is also different due to the differences in the use conditions of various parts.

In some countries, the entire converter lining is made of high-quality alkaline bricks(white corundum). The oxygen converter adopts comprehensive lining technology, which is formulated according to the different damage mechanisms of various parts of the lining. A typical integrated lining of a Japanese oxygen converter, the furnace village is made of alkaline bricks produced by Kurosaki Kiln Company(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). It can inhibit the continuous intrusion of slag.

Take effective measures to select the masonry from the aspects of brick material and size(garnet abrasive). In some countries, simply increasing the thickness of the milk lining in the most vulnerable parts to increase the furnace age. Although it has a certain effect, the converter weight increases and the furnace capacity is relatively Reduce, which is very uneconomical(brown fused alumina suppliers); Japan uses THD-Sn bricks or high-purity magnesium dolomite bricks in this area.

It is also unreasonable(garnet suppliers). The charging side of the converter is severely impacted by mechanical impact of scrap steel or molten iron. When the furnace is upright, this part coincides with the slag line again. , Should be made of high-quality alkaline bricks, and properly thickened lining(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The United States uses bitumen impregnation to burn high purity periclase bricks, while Canada uses bitumen impregnation to burn magnesite bricks.

The furnace lining in the slag line area is mainly corroded by slag, and fired bricks with less impurity content, dense structure and strong slag resistance should be used(steel grid). In addition to the erosion of the furnace lining in the shaft area, due to less slag hanging during production operation, so choose an alkaline brick with a dense structure and a high carbon content(brown fused alumina factory). The bottom lining of the oxygen-blowing converter is also a weak link.

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