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The higher the degree of graphitization, the more complete the product structure and the greater the activation energy of the reaction, the stronger the antioxidant capacity(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). At present, it has been rarely used in carbon anode production. The table shows the quality standards of coal tar pitch and modified asphalt for electrode(aluminum oxide blasting grit). 

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If the anode material has a high porosity, especially if there are many open pores, the gas molecules will easily diffuse into the material, the surface area involved in the reaction will be large, and the oxidation rate will increase(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). The quality of petroleum coke mainly depends on the nature of its raw material—residual oil, and it is also affected by the conditions of the coking process(pink aluminum oxide). 

What raw materials are commonly used as aggregates and powders in the production of pre-melted anodes, and what are the quality requirements for them? Raw materials for the production of aluminum pre-melted anodes can be divided into two categories: aggregates and binders(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). Petroleum coke is a by-product of the petroleum refining process. Coal tar pitch(alumina grit). The full name of coal tar pitch is coal tar pitch.

The formation of carbides(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). At high temperatures, C reacts with Fe, Al, Mo, Cr, Ni, V, i, B, Si and other elements to form carbides(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). In general carbon anode production, the amount of residual electrode should not exceed 25%, otherwise the anode quality will be significantly affected(aluminium oxide blasting media). The direction of magnetic field intensity produced by carbon anode magnetization is opposite to that of external magnetic field intensity.

Carbides are generally insulators, and most of the carbides are chemically stable(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Its main element is carbon, and its ash content is very low, generally below 0.5%(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). Its appearance is a black or dark gray honeycomb structure, and the pores in the coke block are mostly oval. The setting sun pole. The remnant anode can be divided into hard remnant and soft remnant, and their characteristics are shown in the table. 

And connect with each other(alumina blasting). Sulfur in general carbon products is a harmful element, because it is oxidized to generate sulfur dioxide during use, which causes air pollution, and gas swells during the graphitization process of graphitized products, causing product cracking(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). Aggregates mainly include petroleum coke and pitch coke(glass bead abrasive). Increasing the density of carbon anodes can effectively reduce oxidation consumption.

Raw petroleum coke for production mainly investigates its following properties: ash content(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The ash content of petroleum coke used in the production of carbon anode is not more than 0.5%(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). The true density of raw petroleum coke calcined at 1300 ℃ is an important index of the quality of petroleum coke(steel shot abrasive). Carbon and alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, aluminum and rare earth elements can form salt carbides.

In order to reduce costs and make full use of waste resources, the residual anodes replaced by electrolysis in the pre-cultivation tank can also be used as aggregate components for the production of pre-cultivation anodes after treatment, but the amount added is generally controlled at about 20%(black corundum). At about 350°C, the amorphous carbon in the air has obvious oxidation(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). Graphite starts to be oxidized at about 450°C.

The main reactions of petroleum coke are(garnet blasting media): oxidation reaction with oxidizing gas or strong oxidizing acid at high temperature; reaction with certain metals at high temperature to form carbides; formation of graphite intercalation compounds. Therefore, the quality of raw petroleum coke in my country is divided into three grades and six grades according to its sulfur and volatile content(150 grit aluminum oxide). The standards are shown in the table(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria).

Sulfur aluminum electrolysis carbon anode generally uses No. 2 coke in the table(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). However, in the process of aluminum electrolysis, the presence of appropriate sulfur can inhibit the reaction of carbon anodes with CO and improve the oxidation resistance of the anode(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). Therefore, in the production of aluminum electrolysis carbon anodes in China, the sulfur content of raw petroleum coke is generally required to be about 1.5%.

What is the binder used in the production of pre cultured anode from volatile matter and what are the quality requirements for it(alumina abrasive powder)? The coking temperature of delayed coke is only about 500 ℃, and the volatile content is as high as 10% - 18%(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). True density(silicon carbide grit). The strength of soft residual electrode is poor and contains more electrolyte, which will affect the physical properties and oxidation consumption rate of carbon anode.

Asphalt coke(240 grit aluminum oxide). Asphalt coke is a solid product obtained from coal tar pitch coking. It is a high-quality coke with low sulfur, low ash and high strength. Asphalt coke is the main raw material for the production of low ash products such as graphite electrode, graphite anode and pre cultured anode for aluminum(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). It can be used to improve the mechanical strength of products and reduce ash content at the same time.

Because the coking temperature of asphalt coke is as high as l300-1350 ℃, it can be used directly without calcination in the process of carbon production(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). However, asphalt coke is quenched by watering after being pushed out of the coking furnace, which generally has a large moisture content, so it is still calcined after being mixed with petroleum coke in proportion in production(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). Coal tar is sometimes used as a diluent. 

The binder used in the production of pre cultured anode is mainly coal tar pitch(fine grit aluminum oxide). It is a by-product obtained by the dry distillation of coal tar at high temperature. It is a black solid at room temperature and has no fixed melting point(silicon carbide powder). The volatile content is a sign of the coking maturity of petroleum coke(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). It has no direct relationship with the final quality of carbon anode, but has a great impact on the burning operation.

Mechanical strength(1200 grit aluminum oxide). Coal tar pitch is used as a binder and leaching agent in the carbon industry. Although its dosage is only 15% - 18% of that of raw products, it is distributed on the surfaces and open voids of all particles and fine powders of raw products, which has a great impact on the production process and product quality of carbon products(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). It is an anti-magnetic material with negative magnetic susceptibility.

However, asphalt coke has poor oxidation resistance and high price(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). The true density of slow petroleum coke for pre cultured anode production shall be greater than 2.05g/em, and the true density of calcined petroleum coke for graphitized products shall be greater than 2.07g/em(cheap aluminum oxide blasting suppliers nigeria). It not only has low slow sintering yield, but also is easy to cause calcination coking, especially the material blockage of tank furnace(sponge media abrasive).

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