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Specifically, it is the coexistence of a, B and D type graphite(aluminium oxide powder price). The eutectic group of graphite expands to the surrounding area, forming a chrysanthemum shaped radial growth around the graphite flakes. Due to the rapid cooling rate, the initial graphite flakes are relatively small and branch more frequently(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). At this time, the carbon discharged from the austenite crystallization causes the carbon in the residual melt to be supersaturated.

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This is because it is difficult for carbon atoms to fully diffuse during the transformation at lower temperature and faster rate(black corundum price), and austenite will be transformed into ferrite with saturated carbon content. However, in the distribution region of D-type graphite, some isolated point or thin flake graphite are also found(white fused aluminium oxide). The nucleation of B-type graphite occurs at the intermediate temperature in the range of graphite eutectic transition temperature.(cheap aluminum oxide crystals suppliers japan)

If the volume fraction of austenite in the eutectic group composed of fine graphite is large (this happens easily when molten iron with low carbon equivalent is solidified)(alumina company), the heat emitted by eutectic transformation is enough to make the melt around the eutectic cluster rise to a higher temperature in the range of eutectic transformation temperature, such as 1140 ~ 1149 ℃(60 grit aluminum oxide). Austenite is fully developed and occupies a large volume fraction in the whole solidification volume.

(cheap aluminum oxide crystals suppliers japan)Whether the eutectic clusters formed under the above solidification conditions all have fine graphite? The answer is No(pink fused aluminum oxide). The main reason is that the fine graphite initially formed may be redissolved into austenite during subsequent solidification. If the heat generated during the eutectic formation of fine graphite in the center can be maintained for a long time(silicon carbide grit). Therefore, it is possible for B-type graphite eutectic without fine graphite in the center.

The solubility of carbon in austenite increases with the decrease of temperature during austenite precipitation and eutectic transformation(240 grit aluminum oxide powder). If the temperature change rate is low at this stage, graphite is likely to dissolve into austenite. If the cooling rate of the melt is very high and the solidification undercooling is very high(brown corundum abrasive), the Eutectic Transformation first takes place in the divorced eutectic mode, graphite re dissolution may occur.(cheap aluminum oxide crystals suppliers japan)

At the lower temperature of Eutectic Transformation, a large number of crystal nuclei are produced(aluminum oxide polishing grit), and the growth of graphite crystal accompanied with undercooled austenite begins. At this time, graphite is no longer the leading phase, but co grows with Austenite in normal eutectic mode(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). In the process of eutectic growth, fine lamellar or dot like eutectic graphite is formed in the liquid phase of austenite dendrite.

(cheap aluminum oxide crystals suppliers japan)Due to the dislocation of atoms in the two eutectic phases(aluminum oxide 16 grit), impurities in the liquid phase and lattice vacancy, a large number of crystal defects lead to frequent branching and twisting of graphite crystal. The higher the supercooling degree of molten solution is, the higher the branching degree is, and the faster the growth rate of graphite crystal is(220 grit aluminum oxide). The room temperature structure of D-type graphite eutectic zone is D-type graphite + ferrite.

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