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Diaspore ore, also known as gibbsite(white alumina grit), is monoclinic, with low density (2.4) and hardness (Mohs) of 2.5 ~ 3.5. When heated to 170 ℃, the dehydration begins, and the water equivalent to two molecules is released at 290 ~ 340 ℃, endothermic effect appears on the differential thermal curve(60 grit aluminum oxide). If the amount of kaolinite continues to increase and the amount of diaspore decreases (< 6), the secondary mullite decreases.

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It can be assumed that the total amount of mullite is the highest, and the amount of secondary mullite is also the maximum(aluminum oxide sandblast media). It first transforms into monohydrate, then loses the residual water at 500 ~ 600 ℃ to become anhydrous alumina, and then changes from Al2O3 to aal2o3 when heated to 940 ~ 960 ℃(silicon carbide grit). The secondary Mullitization started at 1200 ℃, and the completion temperature varied with the ratio of bauxite.(cheap aluminum oxide crystals wholesale suppliers italy)

The existence of liquid phase is helpful to the secondary Mullitization and provides the conditions for recrystallization sintering in the later stage, cause looseness and hinder sintering(white corundum powder). The existence of impurities also has a great influence on the sinterability, among which the higher content of TiO2 and Fe2O3 has the greatest impact(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The ratio is large, and the completion temperature is low, generally around 1400 ~ 1500 ℃.

(cheap aluminum oxide crystals wholesale suppliers italy)After that, the mullite and corundum crystals grow up, the pores shrink and disappear, which will expand the volume, and they tend to be dense gradually(aluminum oxide polishing powder). The sinterability of bauxite is closely related to the content of Al2O3 and the ratio of Al2O3 to SiO2, that is to say, the secondary Mullitization has a decisive effect on the sinterability(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). When Al content is close to mullite composition, sintering is the most difficult.

Since sintering starts at the temperature after the completion of secondary Mullitization(white grain aluminum oxide a 220), sufficient secondary Mullitization reaction is the necessary prerequisite for complete sintering. If the remaining free Al2O3 and SiO2 do not participate in the secondary Mullitization reaction(220 grit aluminum oxide), the secondary Mullitization reaction will still occur at a higher temperature or in the process of sintering once there is a chance of contact.(cheap aluminum oxide crystals wholesale suppliers italy)

The formation of liquid phase in the process of bauxite calcination is only completed at the temperature when the secondary mullite is nearly completed(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers), the process of melting and crystallization of the solid phase and filling the pores in the liquid phase will make the bauxite complete the sintering(brown corundum abrasive). At the same time of secondary Mullitization, TiO2 and other impurities in bauxite form liquid phase.

(cheap aluminum oxide crystals wholesale suppliers italy)When the ratio of kaolinite to boehmite reaches such a value(aluminum oxide powder), that is, the alumina formed by the heating of boehmite reacts with SiO2 precipitated from kaolinite to form mullite, the raw materials are all mullite phase after heating, and the amount of secondary mullite reaches the maximum value (in the formula above = 6)(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). Therefore, the formation of liquid phase is the factor to promote sintering.

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