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The screen is slack, the force of the squeegee to leave the plate after a screen printing cycle is too large and too fas(brown fused alumina for abrasive)t, and the excessive force of the squeegee during the screen printing process causes the sheet film to extend, etc., which can also cause ink bleeding. In the previous section, the silk screen graphic transfer technology was introduced(brown corundum powder). The silk screen technology has low cost and fast processing speed, especially in mass production.

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If it is used for double etching, it is difficult for silk screen to meet the positioning accuracy requirements(aluminium oxide for blasting). When ink bleeding just occurs, printing a sheet of paper with good ink absorption can prevent further deterioration of the bleeding nest. However, the precision of graphics and text transferred by silk screen technology is limited, and it is also difficult to achieve smooth edge graphics and text effects(aluminum oxide sandblast media). At the same time, we mainly introduce water-soluble dry film.

(cheap aluminum oxide crystals wholesale suppliers usa)In addition to the production of fine graphics and texts(white fused alumina make company), the photoengraving and etching technology is especially suitable for the processing of thin and precise small parts, printed circuit boards and integrated circuits. Ink bleeding refers to the phenomenon that the amount of oil escapes laterally through the graphic mesh to the direction of travel of the squeegee during silk-screen printing(white grain aluminum oxide a 220), deteriorating the screen-printed graphic.

The photo-engraving graphics and text transfer technology can meet the accuracy of fine graphics and text lines and the positioning accuracy of double-sided graphics and text transfer(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). The edge of the line is like two dams. When the graphic line of the screen is in the same direction as the sub-board, the ink will move along the edge of the graphic to prevent the diversion of the oiler(aluminum oxide polishing powder), thereby reducing or even eliminating seepage. occur.(cheap aluminum oxide crystals wholesale suppliers usa)

The transfer method of graphics and text has entered an epoch-making revolutionary period(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). Use it to cut through the metal pin box glued to the insulating material, as in precision parts processing, use it to cut a precision part from the upper and lower sides of the metal sheet along the prescribed shape; in metal parts Fine graphics and texts, such as the production of various metal nameplates and some handicrafts(white alumina grit). The production of the photographic plate has been introduced earlier.

From today’s point of view, when it is serious, the screen should be washed before silk printing(wilson abrasive). It is impossible to compare with current similar technologies in terms of efficiency or quality of image-text transfer, but this is an extremely important step in the development history of photochemical image-text transfer technology(white corundum powder). To obtain a good quality photochemical image-text transfer effect, the key is the production of the photographic plate and the photosensitive material.

(cheap aluminum oxide crystals wholesale suppliers usa)This method of photo forging material is photoresist, which can be divided into dry film photoresist and liquid photoresist(white aluminum oxide sand). Photographic chemical etching is usually used to carry out some very shallow etching with higher accuracy. The photopolymerization monomer is the main component of the photoresist film. In the presence of a photoinitiator(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor), it undergoes a soiling reaction under ultraviolet light irradiation to form a body soil compound.

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