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Cheap Aluminum Oxide For Sand Blaster Thailand

It is understood that the white aluminum oxide 220 grit chemical method, namely acid-base corrosion treatment, is not suitable for the development of the industry due to its large environmental pollution and surface loss. As for the machining method, white aluminum oxide 120 grit sand blasting and shot blasting are mostly used in China. The power of sand blasting is to extract compressed air.

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When processing the same width, the brown aluminum oxide 70 grit power consumption is large, and the uniformity and glossiness deviation of the processed surface are also large. These two machining methods are difficult to deal with the problem of deformation when machining thin plates. The brown aluminum oxide blast media sand material falling from the mouth of the sand nozzle is sucked and then blown to the surface of the workpiece under the promotion of the subsequent air flow.(cheap aluminum oxide for sand blaster thailand)

Because the aperture of the white fused alumina sand nozzle is certain and the spacing arranged on the body of the lower sand nozzle is certain, the uniformity of sand blasting processing by the sand blasting machine is guaranteed. Compared with the existing technology, it does not need chemical treatment such as acid and alkali corrosion, it has low processing cost, small deformation of workpiece, high uniformity of brown fused alumina grit product surface processing effect and good surface quality.

(cheap aluminum oxide for sand blaster thailand)Usually, the white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit manufacturer will use the automatic reverse pulse bag type and the filter cartridge type dust remover to solve the environmental pollution caused by the dust generated in the processing process. In addition, the production not in the open field will greatly reduce the dust pollution. The black silicon carbide suppliers we usually use is mainly used for abrasives, refractories, sandblasting, corundum sand wear-resistant floor and precision casting shell.

Shot blasting equipment is the core part of the shot blasting machine to use the centrifugal casting principle to process the white aluminum oxide workpiece, which has strict requirements on the shape and material of the workpiece, and the equipment is large when processing the workpiece of the same size. It is made of high-quality bauxite as raw material mixed with anthracite and iron scraps by aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh smelting at a high temperature of more than 2200 degrees in the electric arc furnace.

(cheap aluminum oxide for sand blaster thailand)After cooling, it is crushed and shaped by the autogenous mill, and then the impurities of iron are screened out by the magnetic separator, brown aluminium oxide manufacturer which is divided into a variety of grain size sands. Put 16 × 3-240 × 3 brown corundum blocks into silicon carbide burners according to the particle size, and then enter the tunnel kiln for calcination. The black aluminium oxide machine uses the air flow from the high-pressure fan to generate pressure at the front of the sand outlet. 

The calcination temperature is from 200-800 ℃ for 2-4 hours. Then white corundum push the kiln car out of the tunnel kiln and cool it naturally to normal temperature, and then enter the abrasive blower dry cleaner for screening, and then re install the silicon carbide burners for burning. Load the above burners into the tunnel kiln for secondary calcination, black silicon carbide factory which reduces environmental pollution and energy consumption; the process is from 200-1250 ℃ Roasting for 4-6 hours.

Heat preservation belt 1250-1280 ℃, brown fused alumina for grinding baking for 2-4 hours; cooling belt 1280-100 ℃, 9-11 hours, cooling out of the kiln to normal temperature, sieving and packaging. The production process of calcining brown corundum block is characterized in that the calcination temperature is from 200-800 ℃ for 3 hours in the step of. Then the pink alumina temperature was raised to 200-1250 ℃ and calcined for 5 hours. Then, it was roasted at 1250-1280 ℃ for 3 hours.(cheap aluminum oxide for sand blaster thailand)

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