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Although the distribution of electrons outside the atomic nucleus is continuous and has no clear boundary(wholesale brown fused alumina), the experimental results show that the ion can be approximately regarded as an elastic sphere with a certain radius, and the sum of the radii of two spherical ions in contact with each other is equal to the equilibrium distance between the two nuclei(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers). 

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Metals are easy to provide electrons to non-metallic elements, which form positive ions, and the latter become negative ions, which are combined by Coulomb force(garnet abrasive suppliers). Lattice energy is the energy released when the positive and negative ions in 1mol ionic compounds are combined into ionic crystals from gas far away from each other at 0k. In the past, to save steel, bottomless tank shells were used(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers)(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). 

At this time, the polarization of ions(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers). Taking NaCl as an example, the repulsion force between positive and negative ions increases suddenly and rapidly when it is close to a certain degree(white aluminum oxide blast media). Considering the equilibrium of gravitational and repulsive forces in the crystal structure, the potential energy is the smallest(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Keep the electrolyte clean, i.e. no carbon slag, aluminum carbide, suspended alumina (dirty material), etc. 

The ion itself has a charge and forms an electric field(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers). The equilibrium distance between positive and negative ions can be accurately measured by X-ray and other methods, and then the radii of the two ions can be obtained by different methods (such as goldschmit, Pauling and Shanon methods)(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). When the temperature of solid salt is close to the melting point, most of its structural characteristics still remain.

Under the action of the mutual electric field, the ion can make the center of the charge distribution deviate from the atomic nucleus, and the electron cloud deforms, resulting in the ion polarization of the positive and negative poles, making the ion bond transition to covalent bond(aluminium oxide blast media). Change the anode structure and shape to facilitate gas discharge and reduce the electrode distance(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers). Attached table 1 lists the ion radius data(white aluminium oxide powder).

To sum up(china brown fused alumina manufacturers), the important factors affecting the crystal salt structure are the number of ions, ion radius, positive and negative ionization radius ratio Rh (determining coordination number) and ion polarization(green silicon carbide). When solid salt melts, the thermal vibration of ions on its lattice nodes intensifies. Ions should break away from the gravity of adjacent ions, so that the specific volume of matter increases and mobility appears(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers).

The future direction of reducing electrolyte voltage drop is to change electrolyte composition or use additives that can increase electrolyte conductivity(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers). When most solid salts melt, the volume increases by about 10% on average (that is, the average distance between particles increases by about 3%). The shell (namely the cathode shell) is the steel shell and reinforcement structure outside the inner village masonry(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa).

It shows that when the temperature is not too high, the thermal motion of particles in liquid is basically the same as that in solid(aluminum oxide blasting media). X-ray and neutron diffraction analysis show that the arrangement of particles in liquid still has a certain regularity, it is close to the short-range ordered arrangement(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers). In addition, the melting heat of salt is much smaller than that during evaporation, with an average reduction of 1 / 8 ~ 1 / 10(sandblasting sand).

Finally, the degree of similarity between solid and liquid can be confirmed by the latest high-energy X-ray diffraction results of PbCb(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers). The specific heat of solid salt is similar to that of molten salt(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). The specific heat is a measure of the vibrational kinetic energy of particles at lattice nodes(black silicon carbide). The design and construction of the cathode play a decisive role in the technical and economic indicators of the electrolytic cell.

Then, in the figure, the significant peak (b) in the solid state is maintained when PbCk is just melted (c) and when the molten state is not far from the melting point (d), indicating that the molten state is close to a close-range order(aluminum oxide blast media canada). Measurements by X-ray, neutron diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, etc(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers). show that the physical properties of this salt have not changed much at this time.

According to the data in 1995(vietnam aluminum oxide), the energy requirement for producing alumina from bauxite is 3.76kEh/kg-Al2O3, calculated per kilogram of aluminum, that is, 1.93kg alumina×3.76kWh=7.27kW/kg -Al(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers). Each particle in the crystal exhibits regular periodic repetitions, and a certain regular structure periodically reappears in three-dimensional space(how to choose white fused alumina). This consistent law is called remote law or remote order.

The data of the American Aluminum Industry in 2000 showed that the production of 1kg of primary aluminum requires 1.93kg of alumina, 7.27kWh of energy, and 21.62kg of CO emissions(aluminum oxide supplier). The crystal is composed of particles (atoms, molecules or ions) in a three-dimensional space according to a certain rule, and the cycle repeats The lattice (also called lattice) structure formed by the ground arrangement(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers)(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand). 

As we all know(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), the main task of computer simulation design is to simulate and calculate the main physical fields (including electric field, magnetic field, thermal field, melt flow field, cathode stress field, etc.) of the aluminum reduction cell to obtain the distribution of these physical fields(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers). The best cathode, anode and grid bus design plan, and determine the corresponding best process technical parameters(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). 

The cathode in the cathode structure mentioned by the electrolytic aluminum industry refers to the container containing the electrolytic melt(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), including the tank shell and the internal masonry contained therein, and the internal masonry includes melting and melting The bottom carbon (the cathode carbon block is the main body) and the side material materials that are in direct contact with the body(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers).

Seeing to reach a consensus on improving the strength of the tank shell, that is, it has developed to the current bottom tank (including molten electrolyte and aluminum liquid)(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). Bottomed trough shells usually have two main structural forms (including the fine life): the conductive rods in the cathode carbon block, self-supporting (also known as frame type) and bracket type (also known as cradle type)(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers)(white fused alumina manufacturers). 

The design and structure of the cathode involve the various physical fields mentioned above, especially it has a decisive effect on the thermal field distribution of the electrolytic plant and the inner shape of the tank face(brown fused alumina manufacturers). Thereby it has a decisive effect on the retention of fine heat balance of aluminum electrolysis, the refractory materials and the insulation material below the bottom carbon (using the Bayer process)(cheap aluminum oxide grit manufacturers).

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