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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Grit Mesh Size F16 Price Russia

Alumina production by Bayer process is based on the above principle(brown fused alumina). The circulating mother liquor NK is controlled by adjusting the amount of alkali. The feed amount of each evaporation station is about 850m3 / h, and the discharge is about 700m3 / h. assuming that the discharge volume is about 700m3 / h(synthetic corundum), the nk of circulating mother liquor will increase by 1g / L for each increase of alkali distribution of 4-5m3 / h, and vice versa.

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However, the upper limit value of liquid alkali should be set according to the production liquid volume, otherwise the liquid balance will be destroyed if the mixing amount is too large(brown aluminum oxide). For the kinetics of gibbsite type bauxite dissolution process, the equation that the process speed is proportional to the difference between instantaneous concentration and saturated concentration is commonly used as the kinetic mathematical model of similar process(emery abrasive).

(cheap aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 price russia)The conductivity of sodium aluminate solution decreases with the increase of the concentration of Al2O3 and the decrease of AK(brown aluminium oxide); with the increase of NaOH concentration, the electrical conductivity first increases and then decreases. The above characteristics of sodium aluminate solution are related to the change of solution structure(garnet abrasive). The increase of Al2O3 concentration only slightly reduces the vapor pressure of sodium aluminate solution.

The conductivity curve of the solution has a maximum value at a certain NaOH concentration; for different concentrations of sodium aluminate solution(silicon carbide abrasive), the conductivity decreases with increasing temperature, and the solution concentration with the maximum conductivity varies with the temperature(garnet suppliers). The ratio of the vapor pressure of sodium aluminate solution to that of water at the same temperature is basically constant.(cheap aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 price russia)

First of all, bauxite is dissolved with high caustic ratio sodium aluminate solution in a pressure cooker and other reactors at a certain temperature(green silicon carbide), and the alumina hydrate in the bauxite is dissolved into the alkali solution. The saturated vapor pressure of sodium aluminate solution mainly depends on the concentration of na0h in the solution(steel grid). The heat capacity of sodium aluminate solution is determined by the composition of the solution.

(cheap aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 price russia)After calculating the vapor pressure of sodium aluminate solution at a certain temperature(black silicon carbide), the vapor pressure of the sodium aluminate solution at any other temperature can be calculated according to the steam pressure of water. In alumina production(glass bead blasting media suppliers), the heat capacity per unit volume (L or m) of sodium aluminate solution is equivalent to the specific heat, and the change of temperature has a great influence on it.

According to this conclusion(aluminum oxide abrasive), the sodium aluminate solution obtained by dissolving bauxite with na0h solution will precipitate as aluminum hydroxide under the condition of adding crystal seeds and stirring continuously; the solution after precipitation of aluminum hydroxide is used to dissolve a new batch of bauxite at high temperature after evaporation and concentration. The above two processes are used alternately to form the so-called Bayer cycle.(cheap aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 price russia)

The reaction proceeds to the right to obtain sodium aluminate solution, and impurities enter the residue to form red mud(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit); Adding varieties to the sodium aluminate solution after complete separation of red mud, and decomposing the varieties under the condition of continuous stirring, the reaction proceeds to the left and aluminum hydroxide is precipitated(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). Before and after that, the relationship between specific conductance and temperature is linear.

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