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It plays three roles in carbon production: uniformly mixing all kinds of raw materials, uniformly mixing and filling all kinds of particles of different sizes, and forming a mixture with high compactness(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). After reaching the maximum temperature, it is necessary to keep the temperature for 24 ~ 36h to reduce the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the product(aluminum oxide for sale). 

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Due to the limitation of the thermal conductivity of the product, the internal cooling rate is less than the surface cooling rate, resulting in a large temperature gradient and thermal stress from the center to the surface of the product(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). The process of pressing the kneaded paste into a semi-finished product with the required shape, size and high density is called forming(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). Cooling phase.

The kneading time is related to the following factors: kneading temperature(silicon carbide powder). It is related to the forming method. Most carbon anodes are formed by vibration, and the amount of binder is controlled at 14.5% ~ 16.5%. When the temperature of the product rises to 200-300 ℃, the oxides of low-carbon hydrocarbons are discharged(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The fire path temperature is about 350 ℃, and the product temperature is about 200 ℃(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana).

The dry material and binder are mixed evenly, and the liquid binder is evenly distributed on the surface of the dry material particles to infiltrate and coat the aggregate particles(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). All particles are bonded to each other by the adhesion force of the binder, giving the material plasticity, which is conducive to forming(aluminium oxide blasting). When the product temperature reaches more than 700 ℃, the adhesive centralization process basically ends. 

At the same time, for batch kneading process, kneading time is also an important factor to determine kneading quality(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). The kneading temperature shall be 50 ~ 80 ℃ higher than the softening temperature of asphalt(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). At present, the vibration forming method is basically adopted for the carbon anode of large pre cultured aluminum electrolytic cell in China(aluminum oxide sand). Kneading is a key process in the production of carbon products.

When more small particles are used in the formula, the kneading time shall be appropriately prolonged(silicon carbide grit). However, if the kneading temperature is too high, the light components in the asphalt will volatilize, while some heavy components will produce polycondensation due to oxidation, resulting in asphalt aging(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana); It will also make the wettability of asphalt to aggregate worse, the plasticity of paste worse, and even waste.

When using asphalt with lower softening temperature, the kneading time can be appropriately shortened at the same kneading temperature(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). Make the binder partially penetrate into the gap of dry material particles to further improve the compactness of binder and paste(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). The plasticity of paste is poor, which is not conducive to forming, easy to loosen the structure of raw products and reduce the bulk density.

Softening temperature of asphalt(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). Compared with the two, the advantages of rotary kiln calcination are: simple structure, single material, low cost, fast construction speed and large production capacity(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana); High level of mechanization and automation; Long service life: convenient maintenance. When returning materials are used in batching, the kneading time shall be appropriately extended(garnet blasting media). Shaping. Aggregate formula.

Therefore, the forming methods of carbon anode mainly include molding method and vibration forming method(alumina sand). If the kneading temperature is too low, the asphalt viscosity is high and the wettability of asphalt to aggregate is poor, which will cause uneven kneading and even dry material inclusion(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). When the product temperature rises to 200 ℃, the binder begins to soften and the green body presents a plastic state(1200 grit aluminum oxide). 

The ingredients in the production of pre cultured anode include three aspects(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana): selecting the types of carbon raw materials and determining the proportion between different types of raw materials: determining the particle size composition of solid carbon raw materials, that is, the use proportion of particles of different sizes(180 grit aluminum oxide). The fire path temperature is 800 ~ 1200 ℃, and the product temperature is 700-1100 ℃.

The heating rate at this stage can be faster. Coking stage of binder(steel shot abrasive). The fire path temperature is 350-800 ℃, and the product temperature is 200 ~ 700 ℃. Melting(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). Compensation burning is a process of heating the anode green at a certain heating rate under the condition of isolation from air and medium protection(alumina abrasive powder). Make the baked products have certain strength and obtain the required physical and chemical properties. 

The process of mixing, mixing and kneading various carbon raw material particles and powders obtained by batching calculation with binder at a certain temperature to obtain plastic paste is called kneading(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). Determine the type, performance and dosage of adhesive. At the initial stage of cooling, the internal temperature of the product continues to rise, and the charcoal block continues to shrink(alumina abrasive). Continue cooling. 

At 300-500 ℃, the binder begins to decompose and polymerize, and volatiles are discharged to form binder semicoke(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). After further heating, the semi coke is transformed into viscous coke(70 grit aluminum oxide). At this stage, a large amount of volatiles discharged decompose on the surface of the product, generate solid carbon, and deposit on the pores and surface of the product, so as to close the pores of the product and improve the strength(alumina blasting).

In order to improve the coke precipitation rate of asphalt and improve the physical and chemical properties of products, the temperature must be raised evenly and slowly in this stage(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). If the heating speed is too fast, the volatile matter will be quickly brushed out, the temperature difference inside and outside the product will increase, resulting in thermal stress, which will lead to product cracks(glass bead abrasive). High temperature sintering stage.

In the high-temperature sintering stage, the heating rate can be increased(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana). During the melting and burning process, the coal tar pitch is carbonized to form a coke grid between the aggregates, firmly bond the aggregates with different particle sizes into a whole, and discharge the volatiles through burning, reduce the resistivity, improve the conductivity of the products, and fully shrink the green body volume(80 grit aluminum oxide).

What are the requirements for the physical and chemical indexes of pre cultured anode carbon blocks(cheap aluminum oxide grit suppliers dominicana)? The quality of pre cultured anode carbon block directly affects the technological process and technical and economic indexes of aluminum electrolysis(aluminium oxide blasting media). In order to ensure the normal operation of the anode block on the electrolytic cell, strict quality requirements must be set for the pre melted anode block. 

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