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The Fe2B crystal nucleus grows further, [A] atoms also reach saturation solubility, and begin to segregate and form compound crystal nuclei(aluminum oxide blasting grit). With the continuous diffusion of [B] atoms and the further growth of FeaB to cover the surface of the sample. Some non-active atoms obtain energy provided by the outside world and become active atoms(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The matrix material will also have coarse grains and decarburization.

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It can only diffuse through the boride interface or a-Fe interface, so the growth of the iron-aluminum phase is affected by the iron Inhibition of boron compounds cannot move inward(white aluminium oxide blasting media). [A] The diffusion and growth of atoms are inhibited by the boride and cannot move inward(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). The aluminum compound is surrounded by the boron compound and takes the shape of needles or small particles, the diffusion of [A] atoms is hindered.

(cheap aluminum oxide manufacturers united states)When accounts for 25wt% of the total mass of the penetrating agent, the protective layer is complete and the protective effect is good(brown aluminum oxide grit). Through orthogonal test optimization, it is concluded that the influence of the composition of the penetrating agent on the compactness, phase composition and thickness of the penetrating layer under the test conditions is from primary to secondary(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit): sand casting-aluminum powder-activator-filler.

The test designed a co-infiltration test at three temperatures of 900℃, 930℃, and 960C for 4 hours(aluminium oxide material for blasting). It can be seen that when the heating temperature rises to 960℃, the thickness of the infiltrated layer increases significantly and the structure is denser(white aluminum oxide sand). As the temperature increases during the same holding time, the decomposition ability of the penetrant increases, and the number of atoms with higher energy increases.

It can be seen from the microstructure that when the heating temperature is 900℃, a certain thickness of infiltration layer is formed at the interface(brown aluminum oxide sand). The correct formulation of process parameters is the key to obtain good performance infiltration layer. Phenomenon, thereby reducing the strength and toughness of the matrix(white fused alumina make company). In addition, the temperature is too high, the heat treatment deformation increases.(cheap aluminum oxide manufacturers united states)

Compared with the microstructure when the heating temperature is 930℃, the bright white layer is obviously much thinner(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). The heating temperature has a greater influence on the diffusion thickness of the infiltrated layer. When the temperature reaches 900℃, the matrix changes from a-Fe→y-Fe, and a lot of data have proved that atoms diffuse faster in y-Fe than in a-Fe(aluminium oxide for blasting). Reduce the content of foundry sand in the penetrating agent.

(cheap aluminum oxide manufacturers united states)The most important process parameters in the co-infiltration process are heating temperature and holding time(white aluminium oxide grit). When its content is less than 24wt%, it can avoid its adhesion to the sample. The higher the temperature, the greater the energy of the atom, the more intense the thermal vibration of the atom(brown fused alumina for abrasive), the greater the probability that the atom will be activated and migrate, and the greater the diffusion coefficient.

The Al element is continuously and densely distributed at the interface(white aluminum oxide crystals). It should be pointed out that, although the temperature rises, the decomposition ability of the infiltration agent is enhanced, but due to the thickening of the infiltration layer, the original balance is broken, and the co-infiltration rate is slowed(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). Therefore, on the basis of ensuring a certain infiltration layer thickness, the optimal temperature for infiltration is 930℃~960℃.

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