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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Polish Manufacturers Japan

When the flow rate of condensate pump is low(brown fused alumina), reduce the frequency of condensate pump, find out the cause in time, clean the pump impeller or inlet and outlet pipe, and replace the drain valve of condensate tank. It will cause the steam to enter into the condensate system without time for heat exchange, resulting in the phenomenon of "steam flowing"(emery abrasive), and finally form a layer of dense scab, the flow will also change.

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After the evaporation mother liquor is prepared(brown aluminum oxide), the raw material is sent in time to reduce the natural cooling time in the mother liquor tank; raw water from evaporation and raw material process is prohibited from entering the process; The raw ore pulp tank, raw ore slurry tank and its auxiliary pipeline shall be well insulated(garnet abrasive). It is strictly forbidden to inject other materials with lower temperature into the raw ore slurry tank.

(cheap aluminum oxide polish manufacturers japan)If the liquid level of condensate tank is too high, the condensate in the tube bundle can not be discharged, which will affect the heat exchange effect(brown aluminium oxide). When the steam pressure is low, the dispatcher should contact the general dispatcher in time to coordinate the power plant to increase the steam pressure and reduce the steam consumption(garnet suppliers). With the extension of time, the precipitates accumulate more and more.

The higher the saturated steam pressure of heating steam is(silicon carbide abrasive), the higher the steam temperature is, and the greater the effective temperature difference of evaporator is. Saturated steam is used for heating in production to improve heat transfer coefficient and strictly control steam pressure to increase saturated steam temperature and reduce steam consumption, which leads to the increase of steam consumption.(cheap aluminum oxide polish manufacturers japan)

If it is found that the liquid level of condensate tank in workshop is too low or too high(green silicon carbide), the causes shall be found out and measures shall be taken to adjust: the liquid level of condensate tank is too low to reduce the discharge of condensate water, and timely adjust the amount of fresh steam(glass bead blasting media suppliers); If the liquid level of condensate tank is too high, increase the condensate discharge and increase the frequency of condensate pump.

(cheap aluminum oxide polish manufacturers japan)If the liquid level of condensate tank is too low, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring and operating capacity of the main control room(black silicon carbide). According to the ideal gas state equation PV = MRT / m, in actual production, V, m and R are fixed values. Therefore, when the steam pressure and temperature change(steel grid). The stability of steam parameters in production is very important to the control of steam consumption.

After entering the liquid phase, it becomes a compound with low solubility and precipitates from the liquid phase and adheres to the surface of the heating tube bundle(aluminum oxide abrasive). In actual production, with the increase of the thickness of the tube bundle scar, the heat transfer effect becomes worse and worse(aluminium oxide 36 grit). The G (or kg) of alumina produced by 1 L (or 1 m3) circulating mother liquor in one operation cycle is called Bayer process circulation efficiency. 

During production, it is necessary to acid wash the inner pipe of pipeline with 10% sulfuric acid regularly (35-40 days) and add corrosion inhibitor(aluminum oxide grit). The thermal conductivity of the scab is very poor, and the heat transfer coefficient is about 1 / 35 of the steel(high purity fused aluminum oxide). At the end of the operation cycle of the unit The steam consumption is about 10 t / h more than that in the initial stage, and the digestion temperature is difficult to control.(cheap aluminum oxide polish manufacturers japan)

When the temperature of the stock solution is higher than the final boiling point of the evaporator(synthetic corundum), the heat brought in by the stock solution after entering the evaporator evaporates a part of the secondary steam to reduce the steam consumption; when the temperature of the stock solution is lower than the final boiling point(aluminum oxide for sand blaster), it not only needs to absorb part of the heat to reach the boiling point, but also takes a certain time.

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