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The kiln loading operation is carried out according to the pre-made kiln loading diagram(fused alumina), which stipulates the height, arrangement, spacing, stacking position of different varieties, the size and number of fire tunnels, etc. Oil kiln operation is carried out in accordance with the established firing system(aluminium oxide material for blasting). The whole kiln door has an overall structure and a ladder structure, and is heated while cooling the product. 

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To increase the kiln capacity(brown fused alumina). For intermittent kilns, burning Chengdu has to go through three different stages of heating, heat preservation, and cooling, while continuous kilns only need to maintain a certain temperature and cart speed in each part of the kiln(black oxide aluminum). The similarity between the two kilns is that the temperature in the kiln must be kept as uniform as possible during the fire operation.

Waste gas is collected in the total flue through the bottom hole of the passenger, and is discharged to the atmosphere from the chimney(brown aluminum oxide). The principle of kiln installation is that the brick stack should be stable, the distribution of fire channels is reasonable, and the air flow can be uniformly heated according to the distribution of the amount of bricks installed in various parts(glass beads supplier). The cart is the equipment that pushes the kiln car into the kiln.

When the whole kiln door is closed, the kiln door plate has been dropped onto the rail surface, sealing the kiln chamber and the lower passage of the kiln car(brown aluminium oxide). When the half kiln door is closed, the kiln door plate falls on the kiln car lining brick table, which can only seal the kiln chamber(garnet abrasive). When the door is closed, the roller shutter shaft is driven by an electric device to put down the corrugated steel door curtain. It is mostly used in small tunnel kilns.

The specifications of kiln cars commonly used in China are 3m×3.1m×1.075m, 2.5m×2.3m×0.835m, 2.2m×2.2m×0.68m and 1.43m×1.1m×0.35m(silicon carbide price). There are screw cart machines on the ground, and wire rope cart machines on the ground. Both the screw trolley and the wire rope trolley are driven by electric motors(garnet suppliers). The hydraulic trolley can be installed on the ground or under the ground. The roller shutter kiln door is a full kiln door.

The pushing force of the cart machine is determined according to the number of kiln cars pushed and the load of each kiln car(green carborundum). The commonly used maximum thrust is 1000kN and the cart speed is not more than 2m/min. The air required to cool the product is blown into the kiln through the cooling belt(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The operation process of taking out the burned product from the kiln or unloading it from the kiln car.

The tunnel kiln works on the principle of countercurrent heat transfer(silicon carbide companies). Every certain time, the cart machine pushes the kiln car with bricks from the front end of the kiln into the chamber. After the brick kiln begins to be preheated by the flue gas, as the kiln car moves to the firing zone and heats up to the specified maximum temperature and after a certain period of time, the product can be fired(steel grid). Or heat source.

The fired products are cooled out of the kiln after cooling(arc fused alumina). A part of the hot air enters the firing belt along the kiln body as secondary air, and the rest is extracted from the kiln as primary air and drying medium. The fuel and the primary air are mixed and burned through the burner or the combustion chamber of the burning zone(white aluminium oxide powder). When entering the kiln, the secondary air is burned again and the product is directly heated.

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