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Cheap Aluminum Oxide Polishing Grit Producers Turkey

The so-called softening point is the softening temperature and melting temperature caused by heat(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). According to the different braiding materials, the mesh can be divided into netting, nylon mesh, polyester mesh and stainless steel mesh. The elasticity, softening point and chemical resistance of silk vary greatly with different materials(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). The brief introduction is as follows: since it is a silk screen, it is obvious that this material is woven with silk.

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However, no matter how many kinds of silk there are, its composition can be divided into "monofilament" and "multifilament"(low sodium white fused alumina). However, when the stretch exceeds a certain degree, it cannot be restored. The elasticity of nylon net is too large. After using for a period of time, the elastic fatigue appears, which makes the screen plate loose and the picture and text deform(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Some polyester mesh wires also use multifilament, but they are rarely used.

(cheap aluminum oxide polishing grit producers turkey)Monofilament refers to the weaving of a single filament from a certain fiber material(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting): multifilament consists of two or more single wires, which are first spun into silk thread and then woven into silk mesh. The silk thread used in fresh mesh weaving is multifilament. Nylon, polyester and stainless steel are mostly monofilament. As the most basic material of silk screen, silk should have good printing resistance, friction and chemical properties.

A substance deforms under the action of an external force, and then returns to its original state once the external force is removed(white aluminum oxide grit). In physics, this property is called elasticity. In the same way, the silk will elongate under the action of tension. When the tension is relaxed, the silk horse will recover. Therefore, the percentage elongation in the recovery range is called the elongation rate(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). Hold one end of the wire. If you pull hard, the wire will be broken.(cheap aluminum oxide polishing grit producers turkey)

The so-called fatigue is to make it shrink after stretching(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), or to restore it after bending, so that the fatigue strength of the material can be checked repeatedly. For silk, the tensile fatigue strength is very important. This is to ensure the elastic recovery ability of the silk screen after being stretched under the effect of the external force of the screen printing scraper(brown aluminum oxide factory), which is very important to ensure the fidelity and reproducibility of graphic printing.

If the elasticity is too large(brown fused alumina), it is bound to make the screen in printing deformation is too large, resulting in image and text transfer distortion. Stainless steel mesh has small elasticity, small elasticity, and high fidelity of screen printing. However, due to the small elasticity of stainless steel mesh, it will not be able to recover to its original state after being deformed by external force and the whole screen will be scrapped(aluminum oxide blasting media). According to the type of screen, there are different silk.

(cheap aluminum oxide polishing grit producers turkey)The elasticity of polyester mesh is between stainless steel and nylon, which is the best non-metallic mesh material at present(white aluminium oxide super fine). When the screen is bonded to the mesh frame, the standard temperature of ironing with electric iron must be below the softening point(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). For example, the strength of nylon mesh woven by nylon 6 is 5.7% ~ 5.89%, the softening point is 190 ℃, the melting point is 215 ℃ ~ 225 ℃, and the elongation is 25% - 38%.

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