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When the eccentric shaft rotates, the upper end of the moving collar makes a circular motion, while the lower end makes an elliptical motion, so it is a complex swing(cheap aluminum oxide powder indonesia). In addition to the pressure on the ore, it also has the function of grinding and stripping. Therefore, it has high productivity and low energy consumption.

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However, the phenomenon of over crushing of ore is serious, and the grinding and lifting of lining plate is also fast. We should also consider whether the source of materials is sufficient, whether processing is easy, whether maintenance is convenient, whether the price is cheap, and so on. At the same time, the specification of particle crusher is expressed by the width and length of ore feeding port(cheap aluminum oxide powder indonesia).

1200mm as previously described × L500mm simple swing mode crusher, i.e. the width of ore feeding mouth is 1200mm and the length is 1500mm(aluminum oxide powder indonesia). The picture shows the maximum position of the movable collar, that is, the farthest position of the movable collar from the fixed ticket(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The picture shows that the activity ticket is gradually approaching the fixed particle, and the material is crushed due to cracks caused by extrusion.

The technical specifications of the collar crusher currently produced are shown in the table(blasting grit indonesia). The structure of the hydraulic collar crusher is basically the same as that of the general collar crusher. Before starting the crusher, the two oil cylinders arranged at both ends of the eccentric shaft are filled with oil by two hydraulic oil pumps(corundum abrasive indonesia). Then, the oil cylinder that mainly realizes the hydraulic safety function is set in the connecting rod body.

The difference is that the connection method between the eccentric shaft and the flywheel at both ends of the eccentric shaft is different, which is started by hydraulic sections(aluminum oxide abrasive powder): the safety device is on the connecting rod, and the hydraulic cylinder is used as the safety device; The adjustment of ore discharge port is also completed by hydraulic cylinder(cheap aluminum oxide powder indonesia). It is described as follows: Hydraulic subsection start-up.

Two friction clutches and two piston hydraulic cylinders are added at both ends of the eccentric shaft. One friction clutch is installed between the pulley and the eccentric shaft, and the other friction clutch is installed between the flywheel and the eccentric shaft. The clutch is usually closed due to the action of spring, so that the flywheel and pulley are tightly engaged with the main shaft(aluminum oxide sandblasting indonesia). When the ore is broken, it is called the return of the broken ore, but not the return of the broken ore.

Therefore, other parts are similar to simple swing forehead crusher(garnet sand indonesia). When the oil pressure increases to 2.9MPa, the cylinder piston moves to both ends of the eccentric shaft and the compression spring disengages the clutch. Therefore, when selecting the crusher and determining the crushing process, we must consider various influencing factors and make a comprehensive comparison(cheap aluminum oxide powder indonesia). We must not be rash.

When starting the jaw crusher, first start the hydraulic oil pump to fill the oil under the oil cylinder piston in the connecting rod body so that the oil pressure does not exceed 20.0Mpa, and then start the main motor(aluminium oxide powder indonesia). The crusher works under this pressure. However, in the calculation, we often encounter empirical formulas and empirical data, which are obtained through many experiments and repeated calculation.

Add or remove the setting piece between the sliding block seat and the rear frame to achieve the purpose of adjusting the ore discharge port(cheap aluminum oxide powder indonesia). The figure shows the hydraulic collar crusher designed in recent years in China, with a specification of 1500mm × 2100mm(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The working conditions of particle crusher are very bad, and incorrect operation or mistakes in operation often lead to accidents. 

Start the main motor and drive the pulley to rotate. After 20s, the pulley reaches normal operation(alumina powder indonesia). At this time, the oil in the oil cylinder at the pulley end flows back to the oil tank, the clutch is closed, and the pulley runs together with the eccentric shaft(alumina abrasive). After 20s, the oil in the oil cylinder at the flywheel end flows back to the oil tank, the clutch is closed, and the eccentric shaft runs together with the flywheel to complete the start of the particle crusher.

When the crusher falls into non broken objects and the oil pressure of the lower oil cylinder of the connecting rod exceeds the normal value, force the oil in the lower oil cylinder to open the high-pressure overflow valve and flow to the upper oil cylinder for pressure relief, so that the lower part of the moving connecting rod, the elbow plate and the moving part stop moving, while the main motor, the eccentric shaft and the upper part of the connecting rod operate as usual, so as to protect the machine from damage(aluminium oxide indonesia).

This kind of collar crusher has been made into a large one with a specification of 1676mm × 2108mm, the width of ore outlet is 355mm, and its production capacity can reach 30001 / h(cheap aluminum oxide powder indonesia). After adjustment, drain the oil in the oil cylinder, tighten the nut between the block seat and the rear frame, and readjust the medium cap of the locking spring(fused aluminium oxide indonesia). The hydraulic system for ore discharge port adjustment is shown in the figure.

The hydraulic system of the equipment is shown in the figure. Practice has proved that strictly following the operating procedures of the equipment is very important to ensure the normal operation of the machine and improve the production capacity of the machine(aluminium oxide grit indonesia). The operating procedures of collar crushers with different structures and specifications will be slightly different, but the basic principles are the same.

Moreover, the basic operation methods of large and medium-sized particle crushers are introduced below(cheap aluminum oxide powder indonesia). If there is large ore or sundries in the crushing chamber, it is obvious that it must be cleaned to ensure that the crusher starts under no-load. Stop and take out non broken objects abroad, and then restart the equipment. At this time, the following preparations should be made before the start-up of the particle crusher. 

Carefully check whether the main parts of the crusher are intact, whether the fastening bolts and other connectors are loose, whether the belt pulley cover is complete, and whether the transmission parts collide or have obstacles(abrasive blast media indonesia). Check whether auxiliary equipment such as feeder, belt conveyor, electrical equipment and signal equipment are in good condition(aluminum oxide blast media indonesia). At this time, the material enters the crushing chamber. 

Therefore, check whether there is material in the crushing chamber(cheap aluminum oxide powder indonesia). The eccentric connecting rod of the crane can be used to turn the crusher at the most eccentric position, that is, the eccentric connecting rod of the crane can be used to turn the crusher at a certain position, which is the most favorable position for starting the crusher. Its structure can be seen in the figure and the hydraulic system diagram.

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